Saturday, May 02, 2009

A Full Days Work

Today was a very busy day. Mikayla had 2 parties to attend, MD and I had tons of work to do outside, and the house needed cleaning.

I got Mikayla to mow the back yard, MD mowed the front, I started in the kitchen and did laundry. Then MD and I moved to start the landscaping again.

Where was Devin you ask?

Where Devin always is on Saturday mornings...... He did not get up until 12:30. Went straight to the computer and was not heard from all day. Oh but tomorrow is another day sir Devin.

It does not look like we did a lot but these two 1/2 rounds took approximately 72 building stones, and approximately 25 caps. Not to mention all the minus and drain stone we had to move. Luckily for us the rain never showed and the breeze was cool. Great weather after all.

If tomorrow is not raining we will be there again building more walls, trying to use up the stones we still have left. Which is 3 more pallets (which is 72 stones each) and we are running out of project to use them on. The stone company definitely miscalculated somewhere on our measurements of just the walls around the porch.

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utmomof 5 said...

It is looking so good!!!! I am still looking at dirt at my house. I am very jealous!! (Not jealous of all the work but of the end results!)