Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day Blog World

Happy Mother's Day to all those blogger moms, grandmoms, and moms to be. Hope everyone enjoyed their day.

My youngest wanted to know when will it be kids day? MD explained to her that everyday seems to be kids day at least at our house. She gave him a confused look I suspect ( I was behind her) so he continued with "the kids in our house do not seem to ever help clean, cook, or do yard work. She had no response and decided to look into her cereal bowl. I think she was a little put off that MD made ME breakfast in bed and she did not get any well except for left over bacon.

I on the other hand was awoke by my WONDERFUL husband with a hot cup of coffee (just the way I like it), bacon, eggs, and toast. IN BED! He was up at 6 am (as usual) and let me sleet until 8 - 830 (that is late for me). And I am not even his mom. Such a sweet guy, really you just got to love him.

I must be on my kids sh%$ list because they have had pretty much nothing to do with me today, and I have not even heard from my eldest. I suppose that is why MD went out of his way to make my day nice.

Speaking of which, after he let me lounge a bit after eating off to buy plants for the front. AND WE ARE FINALLY FINISHED!!!! We ever had a neighbor come over that we have never met asking who did the walls. Nothing better than say "why we did". His eyes grew large as well as the smile on his face. He stated that we did a wonderful job and wanted to know if it would be okay if he came back and took pictures. He said that they have hired a guy to do theirs and now he needs to figure what and how he wants everything and that he really likes our. MD and I were just beaming with pride, and of course we told him it would be fine to take pictures.

Our arms are spaghetti, our backs stiff, and our knees popping and we still have to use to rest of this stone somewhere (I want to move it if nothing else so we can get back in the garage).

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Cindi said...

First of all, I must tell you how BEAUTIFUL your stonework is! I'm extremely impressed that you did it yourselves...all I can say is WOW!!

The front of your home is just gorgeous!

As for Mother's Day, your husband was very good to you. It's obvious that he appreciates the wonderful Mom that you are. Someday your kids will appreciate it too, but too bad it can't be sooner rather than later!