Wednesday, May 27, 2009

His arrival is bittersweet

It is 10:30pm raining cats and dogs outside. Thunder and lightning to boot. MD has caught my cold (men do not do sick very well) and is in bed. As I sit on the couch reading to escape from the reality that is mine I hear a small tap tap sound. I get up thinking it was the cat, as I near my hall I hear it again but from the front door. As I approach the front door I see shadows dance outside, like I said it is raining and hard. I open the door and there stands Devin (looking like a drowned cat) and his friend Ty (no this is not his really name). Ty said that Devin came to his house and told him that he ran away so he brought him home. Devin asked if Ty could use our phone. I asked if he needed a ride and Ty said yes. I told the boys to get in the car and I took Ty home.

I have no understanding of the way I feel right now. Though I was glad to see that Devin was okay and not hurt, I was/am still very upset with him. I explained to Devin that we now had to call the police again to let them know he was home. His only response "I just passed one a few minutes ago and they did nothing". This is what we have to deal with, he thinks he did nothing wrong again and it is our fault that the police are involved. He said that he had it figured out where he could stay for the next three weeks but he had no money for food. I just sat there and said nothing, I could only stare at the road dumbfounded.

So basically he only came home because it is raining outside, he has nothing to eat, and no where to stay (he slept in a recycle bin last night). There was no I am sorry mom, no I will try to do better, just nothing. Well that is not exactly true, he did thank me for taking Ty home but other than that nothing.

I called the police department, my choices are too wait up all night for an officer to show up (I was informed they we're VERY busy this evening) or to call back in the morning so an officer can come verify he is actually home. I opted for the morning as I do not want to wake MD up in the middle of the night.

At least he came home while MD was in bed, at least there will be no arguing tonight. Ah yet the morning awaits.


Davi said...

Thank goodness he's safe. Can't imagine that recycle bin was very comfortable. =(

utmomof 5 said...

Glad he is safe. I have been thinking about you guys! You would think a recycling bin would have made him grateful for a bed?!