Saturday, May 23, 2009

I feel like I am dreaming, I want to wake up.

Felicia left for School in Italy on Wednesday. Of course true to "MDMom" luck, her trip started on a VERY sour note.

First the airline lost one of her pieces of luggage. Lucky for her she split her clothes up so not all of her clothes (pants shirts etc) were in one bag. So she still had some clothes to wear, just not a lot.

Second after she landed she kept trying desperately to get a hold of her landlord. No luck, I do not know how it happened but she found out that it was a scam! She sent her deposit money to a man that ran with it. AND SHE HAD NOWHERE TO LIVE for two months in another country!

Italy is 7 hours ahead of Missouri time, so I expected a "mom I landed" call at 2:30 am. Never got it so of course my sleep for the night was shot. Finally at 6:10 am I got a call, unfortunately she was frantically crying. This MAN took off with my baby's money and gave her no place to live. It was a scam, we were all taken. I looked over the contract and the "copy" of his passport, all looked okay. Boy did I feel like I was schooled.

Felicia said that the cab driver was very nice and gave her maps to help her find a new place to stay, other students were offering a couch until she found a place to stay. Other than the JERK "landlord" everyone has been very nice and helpful.

The "rock" had to come out, no time for me to freak out and go all nutso on the kid (like I wanted to do). She has found a new place to stay but ugh it is $1,100 a month. She is worried about money, I told her I would cover the rent and to not let this "event" ruin her trip. I got her to stop crying. and told her to have whoever call me with payment information (this is really going to hurt my bank account) and I will take care of it.

Then if my day did not already feel STRESSED enough, with worrying about my kid in another country homeless. For work I had to go to a clients office an hour away and do some work in their office. Ugh I really hate doing that, not that it is difficult work, it is just out of my "comfort zone" and I avoid unfamiliar things sometimes. Blah Blah Blah, what ever. I know get a life. But anyway, about 10ish I get a call from Devin, he want me to come bring him money for lunch (here is where you ask me why he did not get it BEFORE he left for school). I said there was no way I could do that. I was an 1 1/2 hours away in Illinois and it was impossible. He said "call dad and ask him". Uh, no you could call dad and ask him. But I can tell you the answer will be no as he was in the city which is an hour plus from school. I asked where his money was that he had. He said 1. I am not using MY money for lunch and 2. I did not want to carry it with me so it is at home. My response, well borrow from a friend and pay them back. It was you who refused to get up this morning, you who refuse to talk with me, so you deal with it. He said okay I will see if I can borrow and got off the phone.

After that conversation, oh about 2 hours later, I received a call from his principle. UGH again. She asked if I could talk (not a good sign), I said yes. She said that it was not something that I had to come get him for but that Devin was disruptive in class and was cussing (at first she thought it was AT a teacher but later found out it was about a student.) All of which was earning him ZAP (which is in school suspension). All I could do was roll my eyes. She said he would be in ZAP the rest of the year AND it would roll over to next year. Great, what an ending to the school year, and even a better beginning to next.

I was thinking to myself could this day SUCK anymore than it does, well I got may answer it relatively a short amount of time. Since it was now going on two o'clock MO time it would be 9pm Italy time I was starting to get worried about Felicia. I had not heard a peep about living arrangements. I could not call the school (the only number I currently had) as they were closed. So I called her boyfriend to see if he had spoke with her. This is how our conversation went:
He said he had about an 1 1/2 ago.

I asked him for an update.

His response: About what?

Me: on everything that is going on.

His response: What do you know?

At this point I wanted to crawl through the phone a smack him upside his head. What do you mean what do I know. You snake, you deadbeat, you, you, I could not think straight at this point.

My response: I know everything now tell me what she has said about everything!

He finally told me what he knew (briefly, I think he knew he mad me mad) and I got off the phone with him. I felt a bit better knowing she had a place to stay.

Yesterday I thought I would feel better, nope worse. I got to work and tried to get things completed so I could enjoy my week vacation (I always take my vacations on holiday weeks that way I get more time off). But a hour into work my cell rings and it is Devin's counselor wanting to talk about summer programs for Devin. He needs to attend A LOT of summer school and pass if he does not want to be a freshman again next year. CRAP here we go again. So I discuss several options they have and picked what worked best for me this time. Credit Recovery was my choice. It is available from 3pm to 10pm Monday through Thursday. Yes I have to take him, they do not provide buses. So at least this way I will not have to miss much work AND I get peace at home in the evenings.

With that settled, I get back to working. Then about an hour after that my cell rings again this time the principle again. Devin was in her office in trouble again over a "altercation" between him and one of his friends over a cigarette purchase. It now seems that Devin's selling cigarettes to students. Not on school property (as he proudly mentioned to the principle) so technically he was not in trouble for that part. But he finished the transaction ON school property and with the "altercation" (he was trying to get the money "owed" to him from his friend) he received another 5 day ZAP. So now when he gets back to school next year he will attend his first day of classes, then the next 7 in ZAP. What a way to start the year.

Then to make my day any better I get an email from his probation office. Seems that Devin is not following the rules set for him and if he keeps on this path she will have to put him before a Judge. AW CRAP.

I get home and get MD updated. Of course he blows his top. CRAP more drama to deal with.

Then Devin decides that his court appointed curfew was to be avoided. He did not get home until 10:30 pm. He cared not that he was supposed to be home at 9pm. He cared not to call and let us know where he was. His only response to me was "well maybe you should get me a cell phone so you can call me to find out where I am and when you want me to come home". WTH!

I told him he KNOWS what time he is to be home, he KNOWS that he is supposed to leave me a note of where he is going to be and a phone number to reach him.

I want to wake up now. I want to not feel so tired.


utmomof 5 said...

Chocolate. You need some chocolate and maybe a nice hot bath. Or even better a massage. At least something to take your mind off of things for a few minutes!!

That is alot to deal with all at once. I wish I had a magic wand to make it all better! :) But sorry I am not your fairy god mother :) Good luck dealing with it all!

Laggin said...

Maybe Devin needs to see the judge. Maybe you call his probation officer when he's not home. Maybe it's time for a little scared straight?

mdx3mom said...

Laggin I think you are very right. I will be seeing his PO Thursday. I do believe it is time for some scared straight.

Anonymous said...

I am never ceased to be amazed at how much DRAMA is in your life! It is literally one thing after another. I was disgusted by the posts about Devin and wanting to put him in military school and saying you were done with him BUT I think it may be time for some TOUGH LOVE! Something is going to have to put the fear of God into that boy. Something is going to have to make him see he needs to change. I agree it may be time for him to actually see what could happen to him if he keeps going down this path. Talk to the judge. Plan a course of action with him/her. Let Devin be held accountable by the judge and if it means he spends some time paying for his mistakes then that very well could make him see that he needs to change what he is doing and pick a different path.

Felicia D said...

I think that you, anonymous, need to back off. Maybe the whole point of a blog isn't to say "Oh everything in my life went well today, paid the bills a day late but oh well!"

If you don't like what is being written then don't read it.