Sunday, May 03, 2009

It All Hurts

Every part of my arms and back ache. My knuckles are stiff as are my knees. I feel as if I did weight lifting all day every day for a week straight. Wait a minute, I did work out, 30 pounds at a time. So I should be totally buff, right? Let me look...
Nope still pudgy around the middle and the thighs still jiggle a bit too much. But me arms are looking good.
Yes I am whining. I worked hard this weekend and well as last weekend, so I think I deserve that right.
We are not done just yet, we still have two more pallets of stone to go through. And I will be very happy when that is done.
MD is hobbling around like an old man and groaning about how much he hurts. He makes jokes with neighbors that I am a work horse and I am working him into the ground. I have to keep reminding him this was HIS idea. He keeps asking if I hurt, I just smile and rub his head. It makes him happy when I rub his head. It helps him fall asleep, helps him relax when he is stressed. And today when he was struggling to keep going when he (we) were so tired of working we sat on the tractor just looking at what we were doing ..... and I rubbed his head. I swear if he had a tail it would have been wagging. He just sat there smiling while I rubbed his head. Then he turned to me smiled bigger and gave me a kiss and went back to work.
He made working long and hard .. well not fun but tolerable. I guess I started this blog off whining and ended up mumbling of my hard working husband.
I must be tired I do not run on like this. Wonder if I will even post this. I know I am way to tired to post pictures. I think I need to go to bed I am getting delirious.


utmomof 5 said...

Go find some extra strength tylenol or motrin or whatever ans take at least 4 of them :)

My hubby likes when I do that too :)

Mom of Three said...

That's so cute! Keep up the good work and definitely take some meds!

Cindi said...

I absolutely LOVE your stone work! No wonder you're exhausted...that looks like really hard work. However, it's GORGEOUS and you can tell everyone that you did it yourself. Well, maybe you had a little bit of help, hehehe.

Anyway, it really looks wonderful!

All Things BD said...

You poor thing, but the porch is so gorgeous! I am green with envy, but not so much that I'm coming to help you out. :)