Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Karma Sucks

Today is the official first day of my vacation.

I am sick.

I have not been sick in YEARS.

Devin has been coughing all over the house the past couple of days. Complaining that he does not feel well. But when I try to get him to stay home, in bed, get rest, get better he refuses. So off he goes and brought back a cold for me. Thanks kid.

Devin thinks of it as his way of getting back at me for being "A JERK" (his exact words). He said "you would have not gotten sick if you would just leave me alone". All I did was try to feel his head to see if he had a fever, he looked flushed. Man that kid is just hateful sometimes.

Time to get something warm for my throat. What a wasted vacaiton.

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