Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Brain has Left my Head. Really.

For Mother's Day this year the kids and I again went over to my parents house and did yard work for them. While I waited for the kids to get up I got some of my own house cleaning done (oh joy) and got the checkbook balanced. When they finally decided to rise it was 11 am. I reminded them what was on the agenda for the day and with a few groans the got their breakfast done and out the door we went.
While driving down the road my brain clicked. I whipped my head around (not a smart thing to do while driving) and asked Devin if he took his meds this morning. Of course the answer was no. I internally cringed, one of Devin's ailments is ADHD. While I personally think that this diagnosis is extremely over used, Devin is truly off the wall hyper. Enough to drive a sane man to drink that is for sure.
But I was quite surprised Devin did fairly well all day. It was not until we got home that he decided to drive me crazy. Doing things I repeatedly asked him not to. Running around the house like a crazy man. I cannot wait until 8 so I can give him his sleeping pill. Then oh the peace.
Mike is going crazy with him bouncing off the wall, which in turn puts everyone on edge. Please 8 o'clock come soon. Nerves on edge, after all the work at my parents house then to come home and mow our yard I do not have the energy for Devin tonight.
I hate to complain, he was VERY affectionate today (though it was to get mud on his sister and I) hugging us and he was very playful. But still ugh. He can not keep moving the way he does, he is going to break something or himself.

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antiwinterrr said...

thanks for joining my blog :) I hope you have a nice, relaxing mother's day! <3