Saturday, June 13, 2009

18 and Counting

MD and I just celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary yesterday. The surprising part is neither of us forgot (yes it is usually I who forgets our wedding anniversary). We deserted the kids and went out to dinner. It was nice, we talked, made fun of each other, & laughed. We still surprise each other that we have tons of things other than the kids and work to talk about.

It was a nice break as with all that is going on with some of our kids. To just get away with just us and not worry about anything else.

He sent a HUGE bouquet of flower to my work (something I usually frown on) and surprised me with a gift when I got home. Now again I usually do not like him going out and spending money on frivolous things but the man has been paying attention! You see, I am Italian which means I have dark hair and a lot of it. I am ALWAYS complaining about having to shave my legs before we go anywhere. Yea I could go European and not bother, but then I would really have "guy" legs. Yuk.

Anyway, he got me a laser treatment at a local spa! I know, I know, I am weird to get so excited about something that is going to cause me a bit of pain. But I am totally psyched about the thought of being able to get up and just throw on a pair of shorts not having to check for stubble! Those ladies who have blond hair and those that can go days or weeks without shaving have NO idea how lucky they have it. I mean really, I live in pants a lot though the summer because of this little (hu little) issue.

So yes I am totally amazed again with the husband of mine. he really does still pay attention even after 18 years. And once again bought the perfect gift!


Felicia D said...

So normally I would ask where mine is, but then I realize you sent me to our homeland, where I have perfected being too lazy to shave and not feeling about it...tee hee.

Still jealous...My Latina friend has threatened to plauck my legs more when she gets back...aye aye

utmomof 5 said...

High five the your hubby on the gift!! I too would love to have that done one day.

Happy Anniversary to you two. May you have lots more great years together.

Oh and I love Texas Roadhouse. I could eat thier rolls all day long!

antiwinterrr said...

Happy anniversary! ...and many more to come! :o)

Laggin said...

Way to go Mr. MD! Cool gift points for him. We've got 20 next month...I'm wondering how Car-Man will do.