Friday, June 05, 2009

All Quiet

For those that thought my life was full of Drama will be happy to hear that it is somewhat quiet on the home front.

Well, sort of quiet we did have a few mishaps.

It is the wonderful time of year when ALL the baby bunnies are out. Well Devin brought another baby bunny home. I reluctantly agreed to let him keep it with the understanding that when he got bigger we would let him go.

Devin started coming home on time or not even going out at all. He really took care of that bunny (of course Mikayla talked us into getter her a new pet also but not a bunny). Who knew that a bunny would help change Devin's attitude!

About a week or so later we were all home, Devin in the kitchen, MD in the office, Mikayla upstairs,and I in the living room. Bailey (one of our dogs) came bounding down the stairs with Mikayla on her heals hollering about the dog having something in her mouth. I looked up, looked at Bailey, then flew off the couch. She had the bunny in her mouth (the thing was bigger than her head). While I was telling her to drop it Devin was coming in from the kitchen. As soon as Bailey dropped his bunny he saw it. Well then all hell broke loose!

Devin started screaming and cursing. He was so upset, understandably. But his anger and words set MD off, he come in hollering about what was going on and started in on Mikayla about who let the bunny out. The whole time this was going on I am trying to settle down Devin, get MD out of the room to get the bunny (which he refused to do) and was trying to find out what was going on and how it happened.

Finally I got the bunny out of the house, sent MD back in the office (I really hate being referee) and got Devin settled a bit. Well MD was already back upstairs getting in every ones face again (he was in a really bad mood to start with so this did not help) so I got Devin in the car and we went for a drive. We drove around until a found this little park by the house I grew up in. We walked around a bit then got on the swings. We did not talk for a long while we just swung. After a while we started talking about nothing and slowly we started talking about what happened.

That I would have to say was not a good night. But since he has been pretty good. By no means a model kid but at least he is not arguing all the time with me, he is even starting to help around here. He did have a mishap Thursday wrestling around with a Friend (who was not to have been in the house) and ended up putting his knee through one of the walls upstairs. Surprisingly MD did not pop an artery.

And now we are up to date on my every day life that I call mine.

Totally on the upside - I have been speaking with Felicia everyday while she has been overseas and she is absolutely have the time of her life. She and some girls she has met are in Ireland this weekend. She sounded so excited this evening as she discussed her day. Tomorrow she is going on a Guinness Tour. She said she will try it but does not think she will like it since she does not like beer. She shall see. Well it is 11pm as I write this so that means it is about 5am in Ireland she will be getting up soon.

Off to sleep now, and man I need it.


utmomof 5 said...

Oh that sounds like quite the night!!! Poor bunny and poor Devin, that would be hard to see happen :(

Laggin said...

Whoa. We are so twin-like sometimes. See my blog today. :)

Cindi said...

I'm sorry about the bunny incident, but if that's the worst that has happened to you lately....well, then I'm glad!