Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Steps - Hope He Takes Them

Just had a meeting today with the school district's Special Services Director. Seems that somehow I was able to get Devin into a summer night school program that will enable him to make up most if not all of the classes he failed during the year. Only draw back is that it is for the most part self study. there will be teachers (1 plus a secretary) that will be there to help him should he come across something he needs help with.
They offer 160 hours of study availability and he only needs 120. So here we are hoping that Devin decides to kick it into high gear and passes his summer classes. With that he will be able to start next year as a sophomore like the rest of his classmates.
The principle has also suggested that I apply and enroll Devin in the alternative High School the district has. It is mainly for kids who have dropped out or to a point of dropping out. Also for kids that for some reason can not make it in traditional school.
While I believe that this is a good idea in theory, I am not currently allowing Devin to even think of this school as an option. First and foremost the kids I am desperately trying to keep Devin away from attend this school. Secondly, once you attend this school any IEP you have in place goes away. They do not allow for IEP regulations, this of course took me years to get into place and do not want to have to continue battling the school.
We have explained to Devin that if he cannot make it in regular high school, Military school will be his only option. This second option I am currently saving for just in case.
Well baby steps, lets see how he handles summer night school.

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Fingers crossed!