Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 1 of Vacation Number 2

I again am on vacation! I am lucky as I get 5 weeks a year, and with the way I take them it will give me over 6 weeks. See I always have taken my vacations on Holiday weeks. So with the holidays taking over a day of my vacation that leaves me with and extra week. Cool hu?

Yesterday was my first official day of vacation for the 4th of July week. I spent it hanging out with a friend in our pool. After MD got home he decided that we all needed to go to the casino (of course I did not argue this) and go out for dinner. So off to Ameristar the three of us headed for the buffet then gambling.

Jodi decided she wanted us to hear Joe Dirt (from what I understand it is a local band) at the Bottleneck Blues Bar. MD and I decided what the heck, he was off Sunday and we had no kids at home waiting on us (that is a strange feeling we are still getting use to). So we went, it has been a very long time since MD and I have gone into a nightclub. Loud and smokey was the best description (and I am a smoker).

We then decided at 1:15 am that we were again hungry (rather MD was) so off to IHop we went. Totally reminded me of our club hopping days. But man are we paying for it today.


No nicer way to put it, we did not even drink that much. Mine is a smoke hangover I think, too much intake of 2nd hand smoke, I did not even smoke while we were in the bar.

But MD true to form was up VERY early this morning and is off buying paint to finish repairing the holes Devin made in the upstairs hallway, buying grass food to spread around the yard, house soap so we can clean the siding, and a little hand rake so I can clean up the landscaping. Looks like he wants my day 2 to be a work day.

Good thing I got some lazy time in yesterday.


Huse Yo Mama said...

It's so fun to hear about you and Jodi now that I've actually met her! I'm glad you had fun. At least today it's BEAUTIFUL outside!!!

Laggin said...

I just read through your vacation posts--sounds heavenly!