Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day Blog World!

MD is working on his Father's Day! I tried to get him to stay home, no go, he said he is on a deadline. An inspector will be where he is working to do an electrical inspection Tuesday and they have to get ready for that. Actually they would have been done with electrical days ago IF the home owner (rather their daughter) would stop making changes.

Also, MD and my dad are the HARDEST people to shop for. Whenever they want something they just buy it, which leaves nothing for us to purchase for them. So once again I will cook MD his favorite dinner and lounge with him in the pool. Also, my parents will be joining us as this is also my father's favorite activity.

As for gifts, well for dad I will be going over to his house to help tear down a pool and deck they no longer use (rather no longer want to take care of). For Mothers Day the kids and I went over and did yard work for them. For MD, I finally talked Mikayla into going shopping with me (Devin refused and took off for the day). Mikayla picked out a nice shirt and a 22" monitor for his computer.

He really liked this as it was "1080P" HDMI? Whatever that is.

So I am off to get the house cleaned up once again, and marinade the shrimp & beef for the Kabobs!

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