Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Grass is Always Greener......

I work for an Environmental Consulting firm. Have been there for 10 years. I actually like my job (even though I am nothing special there), and really like some of the people I work with. They are an odd bunch. See I work with Geologists, Chemical Engineers, Hydrogolists, Environmental Scientist, and Biologists. And no I am NONE of those things. I am the lonely Project Assistant in the office. We specialize in groundwater so our primary clients are landfill owners and/or waste companies. We travel a lot and when I say we I mean them (that does not mean I have never HAD to go out of town it just does not happen often).

When we were considered a "start up" company and conducted business at one of our Economic Development Center (for start-up companies) I had several other "start ups" trying to get me to work for them vs my current employer. While I was extremely appreciative of their confidence in me I am not a person who takes to hopping from one job to another. Not to mention that they too were start ups and I was not comfortable with the prospect of the future of their business.

Now as of late I have not had other companies offering positions, rather other people trying to get me to leave from where I am. Again, I am not a person who leaves a position that easily. And granted I do not make bunches of money where I am for what I do, yes there is other companies that pay A LOT more for what I do.

It seems people today seem to forget that there ARE other things to gain from a company other than money. See the company I work for keeps family on a very high pedestal. And for that reason I am able to leave if I wish to go to a class party, 5th grade field day, teacher conferences, and of late court appointments (thanks to my son) and taxi rides (thanks to my youngest daughter). All of this with absolutely no questions or receiving any grief for wanting to such things. I have (well had) my kids call me to let me when they arrive home from school, or where they are headed off to (this seems to help my guilt of wanting to work outside the home) so I know where they are and what they are into. And again, my employers all totally okay with this.

It does not hurt that my office is also only 10 mile from where I live, so if I do need to get home for any reason (and lately there have been a few) I can get there withing minutes. I also get to dress casual which means I do not need to spend money on "dress" clothes.

So while I am very appreciative of my friends and family that keep trying to get me to a company that will pay me "what I am worth" I think that I am doing pretty good where I am. No I am not making the big bucks that I can get elsewhere, but I am making benefits that I absolutely can not get anywhere else.

That is what I think is wrong today, companies have no loyalty to their employees and employees have no loyalty to their employers. You hardly ever hear of someone staying with a company today for any length of time. My husband has been with his employer for 30 years. When people hear that they stand there with dumbfounded looks on their faces and ask "how can you stay with a company that long"? His response..."easy, I like what I do and they like me".

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Cindi said...

Money isn't everything, that's for sure.

Right now it's rare to find a company that treats you like family, and you have a gem. I would stay there too.

You're very fortunate!