Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just random thoughts

Do you ever wonder what the heck is going on inside someones head sometimes. I do about a particular coworker .... sometimes.

She is a young person (at least to me she is young) about 27. And she can not seem to get her act together, and drama (way stranger than my kid drama) seems to always be around her. Even if it really has nothing to do with her, she has it. She has been going to full time College since I have known her (7 years) and still has not graduated for one reason or another (it is always the schools fault).

She is now in another mess. It seems that she and her roommates have to find another place to live. The roommates are definitely not the brightest crayons in the box, or at least that is what we get from her stories. The reason for the move is that supposedly the landlord was behind in his payments and the townhouse was up for foreclosure and being "sold" on the court house steps. Then the next we hear is that it is not (but not first without a LOT of drama at work about what was going on) and things were fine. Then we hear that she is going to move anyway and gave her landlord his notice. And she is not going to live with a roommate any longer.

Now mind you, she only works part time, goes to school full time, likes to shop, likes to go out parting, and needs to have roommate to make any kind of rent.

We have all been helping her locate places around town to look at. I even have other coworkers that have considered letting her live with them for a while till she "gets back on her feet". I too have thought "I have the space, I could help her". You see she has this lost animal aura about her. Something about her keeps nagging at you to want to help her. This of course is a very bad thing to do, as it has ALWAYS come back and bit me in the ass in the past. But none the less you still always seem to want to help her. May it is that damsel in distress thing who knows.

Anyway,one of my coworkers thought very long and hard about how they could help her and approached her with an idea. They wanted her to come over to her house so she and her husband could discuss it with her. She never showed, never called. Needless to say my coworker and her husband sat around the house most of the day waiting for her. Which of course made them decide that they were going to get into trouble if they continued to help her. they decided they were done.

Another coworker had basically the same idea, she has extra space in her home and was going to offer this young lady a place to stay for a couple of months. But she said that she was afraid that she would never leave and take advantage of the situation. So the offer was never made.

You see, What I mean "what is going on in this person's head". At 27 I had lived on my own for 8 years, had a child, gone to school, got married, etc. This your lady can barely manage a checking account on her own. What is going on with our youth today. I know she does not represent the mass but she does sure seem to represent a goo portion of them. She wants to get paid but not work (this one really iterates me), wants other people to support her, wants an education but not work for it. I just do not get the "I am entitled" "I am deserving" attitude. My 15 year old son has the EXACT same attitude as this 27 year old. They are deserving. Deserving of what is what I want to know. I had to work hard for everything I have, my parents had to work hard for everything they have, why are the kids today this way.

And again before anyone gets their panties in a twist I know this is not the majority, but is sure is quite a few of them.


Davi said...

I am acquainted with a friend of a friend who is three years older than me, 26. She does not have a driver's license, has never had one. She is in a relationship and living with another acquaintance. Yesterday, he told her that he hasn't been happy for the last four months, ie a breakup may be eminent. If this happens, she has no way of getting to and from work; currently, while he's on shift work, his mother drives her around. Now, the two have been together three years. Since she was 23. So...she was 23 and didn't have a driver's license!! She supports herself just fine financially, but she has been too dependent on other people for too long when it comes to things like this, and she's about to pay for it. And, to be honest...I don't exactly feel sorry for her.

Yeah, I don't understand these people either.

Ethan said...

As the aforementioned husband of the kindly co-worker, I must say...

we would still provide her use of our home if she needed it; but we won't actively make the offer again.

I know that sounds stupid, but I guess I feel fortunate for what I have in my life (granted, I've worked hard for it - it wasn't just given to me) and want to show her how good an organized and motivated life can be.

Besides... if she goes on welfare, then I'll be paying for it anyway, right? My hard-earned tax dollars supporting someone's funemployment.