Monday, June 08, 2009

Living Vicariously

In keeping with living vicariously through my eldest daughter here are some more pictures of her trip abroad: And since she can not seem to find the time to update her blog or Face Book I will share some pictures I borrowed them from some of the girls posts that she is with she has not even sent pictures.

Florence in the morning

Pictures from this past weekends trip to Ireland.

Ireland is definately very GREEN.

It looks to be cold this time of year..........

Very Very Cold.

Felicia was not prepared for cold weather. She said she only had a pair or two of Jeans, and I do not think she even brough a long sleeve shirt. She said she had to by a hoodie from one of the local universities. She was cold.

Felica update your blog! Mom needs tp see you and see what you are doing!

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Andrea said...

Lucky her to be in such beautiful places. I remember when my son spent 6 months in New Zealand, I would wait and wait for pictures. They came too slowly!