Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Bragging Rights.

Wanted to brag a little on my eldest (needed happy thoughts anyway). She has been in Italy studying for the past month. She got an A for the semester! Which was typical Felicia (until college that is).

Carolina Roomies

She has also been country hopping, which I have encouraged strongly. Seriously when is she ever going to get another chance like this again. Especially if she follows through with her plans of getting MARRIED next year.

So every time she talks of friends going on a trip somewhere I push her into going. Some trips there was no pushing required. Like Dublin, she has now visited there twice and absolutely loved it. Said this was her favorite place of all countries. "Fresh and Green" she stated. Well duh, it rains a LOT and is cool there even in the summer.

She has only told me of one or two more trips for the next month. I know one is Rome, I of course can not remember where else she said she was going to go (I know bad mom). But she has told me of so many places that I am now getting confused.
She has been to Florence (of course this is where she is going to school). Venas, Napels, Pompe, Ireland (twice), London, and Paris. Again she has ONLY been there a month!

She is making friends while she has been there, and I am hoping that she will stay in touch with these young ladies when she gets home. Of course you know me, I am already planning trips for her to take to visit them after she returns home.

I was hoping though that she would have posted on her blog or facebook more and if not that at least posted pictures. Nope not my kid, she makes me stalk her friends FB pages and get pictures from them!

How can I live through her adventures if she does not at least let me see where she has been!
Stubborn kid!

At least I know she is eating!

I talk to her almost every day (and yes that has increased my phone bill a bit. But I figure the $35 I spent on the phone bill is totally worth hearing her stories every day about what is going on. And thought it does not look like she spends much time in school, she is in class from 7 to 12:30 Monday through Friday.

She has new roommates this semester (her roommates form 1st semester only stayed a month), luckily her NY friends are there for the same length as Felicia. She does tend to run through bouts of homesickness when she does not have familiarity. This semester with her NY friends still on their whirlwind trip (Felicia came back early she did not want to go to Scotland) and Felicia moving in with her new roomies, she went through a short bout of homesickness. Luckily the NY girls were home within a day or two so she got over it pretty quickly this time.

Thanks NY girls!

And though I miss her terribly I do hope that she is having the time of her life.

And yes my savings account is taking a bit of a hit, it has been worth every penny to know she is having and experience of a life time.


Felicia D said...

You are silly.

They went to Switzerland, I would have loved Scotland.

mdx3mom said...

See I can not keep up with everywhere she/they go!

Huse Yo Mama said...

What I would have given to had the opportunity to do these things!! How fantastic!

Cindi said...

Something tells me that you will NEVER regret spending this money so she can have all these experiences!