Monday, June 15, 2009

So if you can not tell my life is driven around my family. First and foremost my wonderful accident prone husband MD. Then my kids. I know that most women put their kids on the top of the list. But my MD is first and most important person in my life. Though I have put my kids second they are a really close second. Really they are 1.5.

But right now it does seem that I revolve around my ever busy children (and not enough time with MD). I had to leave work early today to take Devin to night school. Got up early to get a call from Felicia to discuss her day (she is 7 hours a head of us). And am waiting now for Mikayla to show up because she wants a hair cut. I am not complaining but it would be nice if some of them would actually act like they appreciate what I do for them. No I am not speaking of you Felicia, you do show your appreciation, and I love our long talks. It is my younger two. They believe that I should always have an open wallet for them, should have a maid to clean up after them, a chef to cook what THEY want for dinner (if they bother to come home for dinner), and should not bother them with such silliness as a curfew, good grades, or chores.

Hey but other than spoiled children I am having a wonderful day. Hoping MD comes home from work today since I am here. Get some cuddle time.
There was another reason I got on here to post, but it has left my tired brain. Maybe I will remember later. So instead you go some of my whining and I do apologize for that.

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