Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time to build an Ark

Missouri has received a lot of rain lately. Well at least my part of Missouri. So much rain that quite a few roads are now under water, most of which I have to take to get to work. It is interesting in the morning to have to navigate through confused people to find alternate routs to work.

But everything is sooooo green and pretty. The storms last night were amazing. I only know this because my youngest received a phone call at 3am which woke me up. So now I am going to have to navigate through my day on little sleep.
Thunder so loud it shook the house, lightning so bright it make everything look like it was daylight, even if it was only for a second. MD and I love sleeping when there is a storm going on so it was not too long before I was lulled back to sleep by the storm.
Bad part of all this is we have a pool, and we can not ever seem to use it. Every time we THINK we are going to get a chance to play in it the storm clouds come. Mother nature is a funny gal.
Well off to find new ways to get to work.


Cindi said...

Here in Ohio we haven't gotten enough rain lately, so the green grass is slowly turning a shade a brown. However, we've been fortunate that it hasn't been extremely hot and humid...YET.

I like middle of the night thunderstorms too.

So now you can be jealous...even though it's a little cloudy right now, I'm going to go out and use our pool!

Andrea said...

We are so drenched here in Maryland. I actually heard the weatherman say we are out of our rain deficit. I'll say, my grass has never been so green. We've had some incredible thunderstorms too this spring.

The Amazing Trips said...

We live in San Diego and although it is lush and beautiful in our yards, if you look to the mountains - or any of the surrounding countryside - the native landscape is dry and brown. This part of southern California is very much a coastal desert environment and since I'm from New England, I miss the rain and beautiful greenery SO much.

Sometimes, I'll look around and tell my husband that this is a totally artificial environment and we need to MOVE some place - any place - where it rains more than six inches a year!

So ... I'm happy to read that you are soaking it up!!