Sunday, June 14, 2009

What a Day

One can never say that the MD house is never boring. Today started out nice and QUIET. Started out with no one home enjoying the peace of the morning. Got to have a nice little (her phone was on roam) conversation with Felicia. She filled me in on the days activities. They are in Naples today and tomorrow she is going to Pompey (spelling) then back to Florance for school.

As I sat on the couch in the bliss of the quiet and imagining the excitement of my eldest as she learns new things and see parts of the world I can only imagine ........the phone rings. It is Mikayla calling for a ride home. So off the mom taxi goes.

Still waiting for the sun to come out I do some laundry, and wait for my friend Jodi to arrive. Then it happens.... the sun.... decided to pop out for a viewing. Out I go to the pool to soak up a bit of sun before it decided to hide again. Shortly after Devin showed up from church, then Jodi for the pool. No more quiet. But it was a good no quiet.

Then (about 1 pm) I for no reason at all I decided that I would call MD and see how his day was going. I told him that I cleaned the pool walls. His response, I am on my way home. But he sounded off. I asked what happened, what was the matter. Pause pause. I cut my hand and I think its bad. Horror! He has done this before, and it was really bad then. Almost took off a finger! I told him to go straight to the hospital and get it looked at. He said no I want to come home and you can look at it. UGH MEN. I said fine, but if I think you need stitches you are going.

I called for back up. I have several neighbors that are nurses. So I called my neighbor Michelle and asked that she look at MD's hand. I told her he will not listen to me and that he would listen to her. He came, I checked said he needed stitches, Michelle came and echoed my statement.

Off to the local clinic we went, one hour and 4 stitches later we came home. The rest of the evening was spent watching Hitch and talking with Jodi. Bless her heart she waited while I ran MD to get sewed up.

So much for a totally quiet weekend.

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utmomof 5 said...

You know it is because your wrote about how quiet and calm your day was going :) Just knock on wood the next time you type something like that!!

Hope hubby's hand heals quickly!