Saturday, June 06, 2009

What a Relaxing Day

Today was absolutely wonderful!

This morning I got to chat with Felicia and hear about her excursions in Ireland (she is spending the weekend there). She sounds excited, I am happy for her. Yes I am living though my daughter's experiences and she is okay with that. She is making friends and they are having a good time.

This group of girls are from New York and ar ethe ones she went to Ireland with. And from what I understand they will be in Italy as long as Felica. Which is good, she will not have to make friends all over again next month.

These are her roomates and the girls whe went to Venas with. They are only going to be in Italy for a month or one semester.
These are two young men the girls have met (can not remember where they are from, but it is not the US, I do believe they are from Italy).

Then when she had to go another friend caught me on Face Book (I was checking in on other friends) that I have not seen in a while, so we got on the phone for a nice long chat. It was great to talk again Julie, need to get together and do some 4-wheeling!

After that Devin, Mikayla and I got the house cleaned and the back yard mowed. All before noon! I even had time to get my hair colored! Yea for today. The white skunk line was getting scary.

We had a neighbor's surprise birthday party to attend at 2 pm, again we had a VERY good time. We have got some great neighbors (I know I say this a lot but it is true).

Then MD decided we needed to do a little relationship repair and go on a date. Dealing with the kid issues that we have been dealing with has put a bit of a strain on our relationship. So he said we needed a little us time. And where did we go you ask? Of course he wanted to go to the casino.

After a bit of gambling (I broke even) we had a nice dinner and then headed home. To find that Devin actually was home and on time (sweet surprise). He really wants a new pet to replace bunny. Amazing what a furry little animal with do with children with issues!

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Laggin said...

Yeah for little fluffy animal therapy.