Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Bye Bye Francis Howell High... At Least how I Knew It

If you don't know, or don't live in the area the Francis Howell School District has decided to rebuild Francis Howell High School as a single building facility. The costs to connect, enclose, and repair the existing A, B, C, D, G, and H Buildings is almost as costly as it is to build a new facility.

For you Alums who don't remember the buildings:

A: Art, English, A Office, Activities Office
B: Social Studies/Foreign Language (now Howell Union High for at-risk kids on the first floor)
C: Math, Science, Business, Home Ec, C Office, Guidance Office, Attendance Office, Nurse
D: Industrial Tech
G: Old Gym, Cafeteria, Library, and those shady ass sketchy classrooms in the basement for Health and Driver's Ed
H: Horticulture & Agriculture (yeah... it was that kind of school)

The new gym and auditorium that opened in the early 1990's will remain, but gone will be portions of the A Building all of the B, C, D, G, and H buildings. Has anybody ever figured out why there was no E Building or F Building?

If you think about it... the school has been on the same site since 1881 when it was the Howell Institute so this is by no means the first rebuild... most of us can still remember the old Army barracks that were on the site adjacent to the A Building. Since I attended (many years ago) they have since been bulldozed to build Gym #2 and the Auditorium.

The Thomas Howell Cemetery across the road

A OLD grave of one of the Howell's

The current Howell is a mash-up of different buildings from 5 different decades and there are 2 gyms (at one time there were 3 until the oldest gym was converted to a weight training room).

I do not ever remember having a problem with weapons "on-campus". But we did live (at the time) in a very rural area so many people had their hunting rifles hanging in their windows of their trucks.

But I do remember people bringing alcohol to school!

The two newer high schools in the district: Francis Howell North (which didn't open until 1987... some 106 years later.. and graduated their first class in 1991) and Francis Howell Central (which opened in 1997 and didn't graduate their first class until 2001) are single buildings with nicer amenities and better layouts.

This will be an exciting change for the old alma mater. So here's to you FHHS... for 128 years old, you just keep on getting face lifts... never mind the botox... Vikings don't screw around.

Yes, I went to the school where the kids paint crap on the highway in front of it. But when I went to high school we did not bother with the road, we climbed the humongous water tower and painted graffiti on it.

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Cindi said...

So many parts of this post could have been written about schools all across the country. It's like "the ties that bind us." I'm sure the new school will be absolutely gorgeous! How long will it take to do it? And where will the students attend in the meantime?