Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A new beginning

Day three, visit two, went much better. Lots less crying on both parts. MD and I received more details on how his days are spent, his room and rules he has to follow. He received a point against him today because he had two cups in his room (he is only allowed 1) He said that he will not let that happen again. He said he had made sure that his bed is made, dressed properly, and following all the rules. He is currently a level 1. I understand that everyone coming in starts out at that level. Hopefully he can get himself up to level 3, that way when we visit we can have a private room where we can at least hold his hands.

He is realizing and Understanding what got him where he is. MD and I have noticed a HUGE difference in him with just the way he speaks to and with us. Also his stance is not defencive. He is our little boy again, just a lot bigger. Devin had his hands on the glass and we place ours up against his(yes I about lost it at this point) and realized ....... This kids hands are the same size as MD's hands. Devin still has about 6 inches or so though before he is as tall as MD.

We are hoping that he keeps this attitude and continues to improve. If he does than all this has been worth every minute. Only time will tell.


utmomof 5 said...

I want to cry just thinking of that moment with your hands on the glass! Sounds like some good changes are happening! Here's to hoping he keeps improving!

Davi said...

I've got my fingers crossed!!