Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rainy Day

MD is home which is unusual. He volunteered at the All-Star 5K run is St. Louis this morning, and was home by 11:30. Which meant that he would not be working in a basement today. Normally that would be great, as we rarely get to spend time together. But it is raining, and I mean big time, sideways, thunder and lightening raining. Now he is antsy and wants to go do something. Unfortunately we have additional children here. Mikayla had a sleepover with two of her girl friends and Devin has a friend over (one of the only boys we do like) so I refuse to leave the house with it full of unsupervised children.

MD decided to give them an ETA for departing. They have an hour, which means he is going to get me to venture out into this mess.

Meanwhile rainy days for me means ..... decorating. Even if it is only really dreaming.
We want to put a fireplace in our pack yard. We had a bid a couple of months ago for one. First I did not like the rendering they came up with, and two ...... HOLY CROW it was expensive. For now it is on the wish list again. Need to save up for that one. I can not believe how expensive fireplaces are. The bid we got was for about 1/2 of what we spent on the entire front of the house! We were not expecting that high of a price. And the fireplace they drew was just a plane jane type. I would really hate to see what we really want would cost.

I drew up picture yesterday what I would "like" it to look like. Surfed on the net today for other options and here is what I cam up with:
Of course the drawing I did IS NOT on here, I do not care do embarrass myself like that here. I do enough of embarrassing myself other ways. But it is similar to these except shorter sides, wider in the middle, and the top has a more curved stack, but still looks very much like these. I wonder how much it will really set us back.
Wishfull dreaming I guess.


utmomof 5 said...

Oh those are beautiful!!! Wishful dreams are not a bad thing!!

Cindi said...

Those are all gorgeous! I hope you can eventually have one put in. That would be a great place to spend many evenings.

patty said...

Thanks for the blogroll love!

I have an old chiminea in my back yard. We purchased it 9 years ago, just before we had our first child. It sat unused until this spring, when I missed our indoor fireplace fires and wanted to replicate that cozy feeling in the back yard. Some day, I'd love to have a fire pit...