Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Well I finally broke down and got our youngest daughter a cell phone. I did explain that she was now to do everything asked of her. And with the warning laid out, and with her agreement, she was told if not THE PHONE WAS GONE.

I grilled the poor sale guy. I wanted to know what the difference between plan A to plan B to Plan C. What happens if.........when charges applied. We were there for over an hour. My youngest was starting to get impatient. But I want to know the differences between phones, plans, contracts all of it.

I have had the same cell phone for the last 8 years. The sales person laughed when he saw the phone I had. I just looked at him and said, now you see why all the questions. PLUS he looked up my account, I pay only $37 a month for my current cell plan. Again he looks at me, and again I response..again see why all the questions?

Well we left the Sprint store with two new cell phones, one for me (I really needed one) and one for Mikayla. Of course with a very long list of rules. We shall see if she can follow them.

This is my new phone the Rant

This is Mikayla's Rumor

On a side note: I thought for sure when Devin found out there would be hell to pay. At first, there were a few sparks. I explained that Mikayla stays out of trouble, completes school work and passed her classes, does things around the house when asked, and does not speak to her parents like we were trash. He of course would be getting the same if he could turn himself around and complete the same.

No more arguments. ????????? What was with that? He even went upstairs and was NICE to Mikayla. They sat in her room for over an hour with no arguments. Okay....... I am speechless.

WOW he can do what needs to be done to get out of trouble. Let us see if maybe he will start being better and continue to improve his behavior and attitude.


utmomof 5 said...

I have yet to give in to my son for a phone. I am guessing I will give in for his next birthday though :) So now you know he can behave nicely if he wants to! His secret is out!!!

Cindi said...

As Dr. Ray Guarendi would say, the cell phone is a privilege and must be earned. We, as parents, are required to supply the minimum amount of clothing, shelter, and food. Everything above and beyond that is a bonus, and therefore considered a privilege.

Maybe Devin will consider earning this privilege.