Sunday, July 19, 2009

Where did June go?

This year is going by way too fast. I blinked and June was gone!

With time flying by so quickly I am loosing track of it.

Things I wanted and meant to do I am running out of time to do.

In June, neighbor Jim had his 40th birthday. (it felt just like yesterday that I had this birthday, in actuality it was 3 YEARS ago!). His wife gave him a surprise party (of course) and we were invited. We had a very good time, we like seeing others getting older and joining our 40 club.

Side note this is our neighbor who brews his own beer and makes amazing port! And it is OOOOO so good.

Then Fathers day my parents and my friend Jodi came over for grilling and swimming. One of the few days (in my opinion) that it has been warm enough for swimming. I had MD's favorites for dinner..... beef kabobs and grilled shrimp. YUMMMMMY!!

I think MD has adopted Jodi as a surrogate sister. He never wants her sitting home alone. Anytime I am on the phone with her he asks me "if she is home alone tell her to come over here". She is a friend I have been reacquainted with through Facebook, she grew up with my sister and I and she gets along fabulously with my folks so it is nice to have her over.

As proof that my baby is growing up she is now slowly growing out of the "tom boy" stage and wanting to be a little "girly". Case in point the family brows ..... she inherited these from my side of the family. Poor thing. I had started waxing in 6th grade. As did Felicia (I believe), my side of the family is not lacking in the HAIR department that is for sure! So now every month or two Mikayla asks that we get hers done and of course a hair cut. Smart kid, she vies for everything she can when we go on these little outings.

I also (I have blogged this before, but she is definitely worth mentioning twice) had the privilege of meeting another blooger mom while she was in town. Rachael at Huse blog is it Anyway was in town and having a Karaoke night with her friends at a pub not far from where I live. She invited me to join them, so of course I had to oblige. But since I am skittish about meeting new people I drug Jodi along for support (yes I really am down deep a big chicken, though I am trying to overcome that).

This one would have been a great picture of me and Jodi if not for my stupid eyes being sensitive to the flash! I was trying not to blink .... note to self, just close them next time.

With my parents living here only part of the year (dad does not like cold weather so they head to warmer places when it gets cold), and the fact that their house is what, 30 years old... it is starting to need some repair and updating.

BUT you have to have met my dad to know, understand, and love him. I have inherited his habits on money a bit I have found.

See for the most part my father is VERY frugal with his money. Takes a while to get him to part with it. That is unless he really wants something, then the wallet does not come out fast enough. Take his house here for example, it is old, started to need some MAJOR renovations. But my dad does not want to put anymore money into this house. He does not want to live here. He wants to be in his home in his warm weather state all year round.

The reason he still owns this house you ask? My mom. She does not like the extreme warm weather (women who have gone or going through the "change" will totally understand this). She likes to have seasons. And my sister and I are here, she does not want to be that far from us.

Well now things are really starting to need attention, like the pool and deck. So instead of repairing he decided to get rid of them. He said that if he wants to swim they will come to my house. That's fine, so he got a few bids to have someone demo and remove the pool and deck around it. OMG they were high, so he decided to do it himself. I had Devin go over and help remove the liner, then on another day I went and helped remove the pool itself. Dad did eventually hire someone to take down the deck, regrade the yard and put sod down. And all for a relatively decent price.

MD and I went over to their house for dinner and domino's last night, checked out the work that was done, and Holy Crow, he needs to get the remaining deck repaired! That thing is pulling itself off the house! One corner has dipped a good 4-5 inches! He of course started grumbling about money. Maybe one of these weekends I can get over there I will jack up that side of the deck and get him to re pour a footing to at least get better stability under that thing. I would hate to see it totally fall of the side of the house.

Well that was my June. Not very exciting by most accounts I am sure. Maybe later I will have the energy to give an update to Devin's progress or rather there lack of. He has been a roller coaster ride that wipes me out at the end of the day. Rest is coming, but that will have to be a different post.


Huse Yo Mama said...

Looks like you had a busy and fun June! Especially the part where you met the really cool blogger!!! :-)

Laggin said...

You tire me out just reading about it. Anxious to hear about Devin.

Laggin said...
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