Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Project Down & Done

So Super Freak MD has finished the wood floor in our dining room. And once again in record time.

He actually would have had it done in about a day and a half but MD can not do anything simple. He found this border he liked spent about 3 hours figuring out the angels and cutting it all out a head of time. The border took 2 days to do by itself, the rest of the floor.......1 day.

Now his knees get about 2 days to recoup then he is doing a tile job this weekend. I am not sure where or how big, but he never seems to give his body time to heal.

Makes for a grumpy hubby sometimes. Looking forward to that hot of these days.


utmomof 5 said...

SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! High five to your hubby on that project!!

Huse Yo Mama said... takes my husband WEEKS to even fold his own laundry.

This is sickening.

And beautiful. All at the same time.

Davi said...

Very nice work!!

Felicia D said...

I like it very much!

patty said...

I like it a lot. I love your paint colors as well :)