Saturday, August 22, 2009

First day of School Post 4 days late

Typical me, always behind the times. My two youngest (guess I should not call them young as they are 13 & 15) had their first day of school this past Wednesday. I tried to be the good mom and get their pictures (you know, future memories and all) but luck was against me once again.

I actually had to take this picture (on day 2. Mikayla had my camera so I missed day one) hiding behind a bush on my porch. The bus stop is actually about 100 feet BEHIND and to the left of my house. And Devin is not one to let me take pictures of him in general.

As it was 6:30 of the am I was not going to start off the day in an argument about getting his first day picture, so I did what any respectful mom would do, I hid.

And don't you know, he never knew I took the picture.

This is Mikayla's first day picture. Of course she was already fussy at me because I was crabbing about not being able to find MY camera that SHE had. She does have a very nice camera of her own. I am still unsure of why she swiped mine.

Grumpy looking isn't she.

Ah, the first day of school, Whoot!

Felicia's first day back to the last year of college is the 24th.

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