Monday, August 10, 2009

He is home

What an emotional morning! The judge was hard, I mean really hard. The girls went with us as they were excited to see Devin and this was their first chance since he has been in Detention. The only family members allowed to visit we MD and I. During the proceedings the Judge ripped into Devin, and it was sounding like he was not going to let him come home. It really sounded as if he was going to send Devin to DYS (division of youth services). Devin started getting upset, his sisters were sitting in the benches behind us.....getting upset. Even his DJO looked startled. I mean this Judge was not holding back any punches, he really gave it to Devin.

The last thing he said to Devin before he gave his ruling was that Devin was on the path to the penitentiary with his behavior, attitude and the way he thinks. Devin just sat their crying. The more the judge spoke the harder Devin cried. When the Judge was explaining that we was going to allow Devin to come home (against his better judgement) and go to his high school Devin was sobbing so hard that he heard nothing. We had to tell Devin to listen, the just waited for Devin to compose himself a bit then repeated what he said about coming home.

Devin at that point promised the man the moon and stars. The judge said prove it, but one mistake and he will be gone.

I really am hoping that Devin will adhere to the stricter rules set forth in his probation and can keep his nose clean. I also hope he realizes that he has been given a second chance to start over. A second chance that the legal system thinks he will fail. Devin ...... Prove Them Wrong!


Laggin said...

Devin, DUDE. Prove him wrong.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you, mama.

utmomof 5 said...

Okay Devin, please make that judge eat his words!!!!

Davi said...

I think I might like that judge, to be honest. Maybe his words will stick with Devin throughout his probation. Let's hope this is the case. Got my fingers crossed!!

Cindi said...

It's now up to Devin to make choices that will impact his future. GO DEVIN!!!

a corgi said...

hi; just found your blog and was reading some of your old entries; so sorry about what is going on with your son; my now 20 y/o son had some problems when he was a juvenile with getting into trouble. I'm hoping Devin gets his act together and stays out of trouble. Hopefully his records will be sealed when he is an adult and won't carry on with him for the rest of his life (my son's were sealed and thank God he learned his lesson)

hang in there mom because I know how hard this is on the WHOLE family