Friday, August 14, 2009

How to Make a 13 year Old Girls Day

My 13 year old daughter has been bugging us for years to "redo" her room. I have stalled, thinking she would move on to the next "must have" that all 13 year old's want.

She has not budged. She has come to me with different renditions of what she wants her room to look like. Had I been smart I would have done what she wanted in the first place. She has now gone on the wild side.....

Here I will just show you......are you sitting down?

I think maybe you might want to, or maybe you will just think that I have lost my mind, think that I have lost total control over my life. Well you could be right, but this is what has made her happy and it is not costing anything but a couple gallons of paint and several hours of time from MD and myself.

Step one: fill all the holes left from posters, bulletin boards, and miscellaneous items your child had on the wall.

Step two: Paint the ceiling of your child's room one of the colors they chose.

Step Four: Stand back and gasp quietly, regroup, and then start trimming with the walls with the other "wild" color of their choice.
Please excuse the "blurry" pictures. But I think you can understand it was late, and I think the camera FREAKED out trying to capture these bright colors.
Stay tuned for updates of Mikayla's room as we progress towards completion. She has more surprises in store (a mural or something of that sort). And MD wants to put crown molding up. he wanted to have a little of him in the room I think.

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Felicia D said...

A proper warning goes along the lines of this:

TO make our 13 yr old Mikayla happy we must allow Nickelodeon to throw up in her room. And keep her bird in Felicia's room, so she gets to wake up to 6 am chirping.

The End...