Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Man Needs to Take a Chill Pill

MD finally gets a weekend off and what does he WANT to do........... tear apart our dining room!

Which of course means I get to help. But I help as little as possible. Remember I do demolition not construction! I think he also forgets this as he is always wanting me to build something. I always have to remind him I like to things apart, I cannot put them back together. At least it is always good for a giggle, then he puts me to work anyway.

Friday night was spent ripping up carpet & padding. Then tack strips andstaples. Then bleaching the floor. Why bleach you ask? We have 2 dogs and a very old cat. the dogs (or I should say one of them) have decided that when the weather is bad outside (rain or snow) she will not go outside. She then uses the carpet as grass. So in order to get rid of the pet smell you bleach the floor.

MD is his own worst enemy. As you can see it cannot just be a simple task of putting down wood flooring. We have to have flare! You can see the flare he decided to put in. This took him several hours Saturday morning to figure out all the dimensions and measurements.

It would have just been a weekend job, but he has turned into more. My homework for the day... I was told to go look at NEW furniture for the dining room.


yes even this kind of shopping.


utmomof 5 said...

How beautiful!! I can't wait to see it all done :) Your hubby is very talented. I have a hubby who needs a chill pill every once in awhile too!! Have fun shopping!

Laggin said...

Girl, you should come over to this side of the state and go to Nebraska Furniture Mart!