Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Favorite Smelly Things...

Have you ever walked into a place and smell a smell that just warms you in the pit of your belly? Smell a smell that takes you back to a childhood memory? Food of course always gets me going. Coworkers think it a funny trait of mine. But I just love smells (I know a bit strange, but that is how I roll) and the way you can alter one's mood with them. I truly believe your mood can be controlled by a smell.

I like, no Love trying to make my home have a particular smells for particular events. Like when I am cleaning I burn "clean" smelling candles such as Clean Linen, Ocean scents, and such. When I want that cuddle up homey smell I burn cinnamon, sandalwood and such. And when I want comfort I burn pumpkin, spices, and other "baking" candles.

Combining smells is an art though, there have been times that I am mixing fabulous individual smells and when mixed.....EWWWW bad. And it takes forever for me to get them out of the house.

My top ten favorite smells:

1. The air just before it rains.

2. Fresh cut grass.

3. Budweiser's paws (yes I said my dog)

4. The scent of a baby.

5. The salt of the Ocean.

6. Fresh baked Cinnamon rolls.

7. My husbands pillow.

8. Fresh cut wood.

9. Camp Fire, and....

10. My husband after doing a construction job (I know odd, but I always run up to him after he gets home to inhale his scent. It is a smell that makes me feel secure. I know I am weird. And yes MD too thinks I am strange.)

What are your favorite smells?


Davi said...

My cats' fur. Rich. Rich's pillow. Rich's jacket. (Haha.) My grandma's kitchen. Lavender. Spanish coffee. The list goes on. I'm the same way with smells.

Cindi said...

There is a bakery in the town I grew up in. As an adult, my mother and I would go there to visit my grandma. One day when my mom had taken my grandma to the doctor's, I stopped in that bakery. When the girl behind the counter asked if she could help me, I told her that I was just there for the aroma I remembered as a child. I inhaled deeply....then bought 6 cupcakes, lol.