Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Stow Away

We have had a little friend with us at work for the last several days. And working with the people I do he has caused quite a stir. Not a "freaked out" one but and excited one. I have mentioned this before but I work with a bunch of "tree hugger" and "animal lovers". This is not a bad thing at all, that is until you want to step on a bug.

THAT IS NOT ALLOWED especially spiders.

Anyway, this little fellow has been hanging out just outside of our doors entering the building.

In he not just the cutest!

I checked for him today and he was gone. I was worried that he might have been dead because he was always in the exact same spot for the last like four days. Plus if the Managing Director caught sight of him, he would for sure devise a way to get rid of him.

One of our resident Environmental Scientist told me what kind of bat this was, but of course for the life of me I cannot remember.


Davi said...

We had the littlest guy hanging outside our building a few months. We thought the same as you, that he might be dead, 'cause he never moved an inch. We only knew he was alive 'cause a co-worker shoved his camera phone in the bat's face to take a picture, and the little guy twitched. He was so small and cute!!

utmomof 5 said...

It is a good thing I don't work there because I would have to call in sick to work until that bat was gone!!!!!

Laggin said...

Um. Ewww.

Anonymous said...

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