Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Stuck between Ahhh & Grrr

The Ahhh part:

It have been wonderful having Felicia home. She is very good at keeping her younger sister in line, running errands, and getting chores done around the house. Of course there is the incentive of money. She had found it hard to find a job here just for a couple of weeks so we offered her to "WORK" around the house. All those lovely things I have not been able to get to. Plus she likes hanging out at the house with MD and I. She just sits there a chatting away about what ever is in her head at the moment. Use to be this would drive me mad after about 15 minutes, anymore I usually join in. I am also glad that she will be here when Devin gets home, help him get through his first week back. Besides he has missed his big sis.

The Grrr part:

Devin is responding great to detention (no he is not liking it, but his attitude has gotten much better). Everything MD and I hoped for. BUT his DJO is very skeptical about letting him come home and go back to his school. She said he will just go back to his old ways. Now this lady has not even given him a chance to come home and prove anything. She is assuming he will screw it up. In all actuality he may stumble a little, but MD and I absolutely refuse to send him to a school where there is a concentration of "bad" kids. At least at his own school the "bad" kids are diluted with "good" kids.

She is fighting us on this, but MD and I are making headway. Plus we are going to hold the judge to his words at our last meeting. He said he would agree with what WE believe is the best to do with Devin after the 10th. That was of course conditional on Devin's behavior in detention. Which by every report I received, he has been excellent and very well behaved. We are on our way this evening to have one of our visits with him tonight. He has been moved up to level 3. One of the benefits of this is that our visits are not through glass and a phone. We get to hug and hold hands. Still from across a large table but I will take it!

One of the conditions for him to come home is he has to attend counseling, as well as all of us have to go to family counseling. Now I am on the hunt for a good counselor in the area. Devin does not want to go back to the counselor he was going to before. Grrr I do not like trying to find new doctors.

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