Thursday, August 20, 2009

What did I let her DO?

I do not know how she does it. Mikayla seems to be able to talk me into most anything. I am such a sucker. Especially when she promises the world (she usually gives a continent).

So yesterday she talks me into making her an appointment to get her hair cut and brows waxed. Yes I said that waxed I have posted before we are a furry group of girls. The guys do not seem to have this problem. So as I usually do I gave in and made the appointment for tonight.

Then while in the middle of cutting Tera said something about getting it colored. Funny I had said no yesterday. I did remember saying that she had to save her own money to get this done. SUCKER!!! All Mikayla had to do was give her her "look". I lost.

This is Tera, something starting to look familiar here ?

Are they not too cute. Felicia and Mikayla just love Tera.

Mikayla was having fits that I was taking pictures. Said she had no "makeup" on. Her idea of makeup is eyeliner.

Mikayla had to come straight home to straighten it her way and put her "makeup" on. She then and only then "posed" for a picture.

My baby has gone from blond to brunette, starting to look more and more like me every day. Daddy is losing the only one who looked like him (blond & blue eyes)


Davi said...

Aw, she looks great. I LOVE the blonde bangs, super cute!!

Laggin said...

Gah. What it is about our lives? I gave in and let Younger get highlights this year too...because she also is losing her blond. And the result isn't beautiful brown, like you've got. :(