Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Goal Has Been Set

I have decided to get into shape. Why you ask? Well the list is long my blog world friends. The spare tire around my waist, the cottage cheese that has implanted itself on my butt and thighs, and the extra skin hanging from my out stretched arms are but a few reasons I have decided that it is time to get into something resembling "in shape". And these items of course are proof that the couch and I have become too close of friends.

Some of you are already into an exercise routine. Some of you already regularly attend marathons and triathlons. I have read your trials and triumphs.

What keeps you motivated? What gets you out of bed every morning and onto the road?
We all know training is hard – but there is a reason you do it. I want to know what your motivator is, need to know what motivates you.

My friend is trying to talk me into participating in the St. Pats Day 5k run in March. So I have between now and then to get into shape, stop smoking, and build some kind of endurance. We have gotten her brother "Drill Sargent" (who is a personal trainer) to train us and be a driving force for us. And we got him to do this for free. Of course this is not totally done out of the kindness of his heart. He is using us as guinea pigs as he is also wanting to start a "Boot Camp" and work the kinks out on us. The nice part about using Drill Sargent as our trainer is he also a chiropractor. So if we get to out of whack he can put us back together again.

The marathon of course I have not fully agreed to just as yet. I mean really, me run 5k now, at my age, in my shape? I am sooo not in high school track anymore. Then, hell yes in a heart beat, now .... um we shall see. We shall just see.


utmomof 5 said...

Quite honestly, it is my me time.

No one calling me mom or wanting anything or whining or tattling or nothing!!!

It is my clear my head time, figure out problems, think through issues.

And as a bonus my ass gets smaller :)

utmomof 5 said...

Good luck to ya!!You will do great and feel so much better.

a corgi said...

good luck!! sounds like you got a good plan being able to use your friend's brother! I've been off and on with exercising and healthy lifestyle (today is day 1 yet again to try to drop those pesky 35 pounds I keep losing and finding again) but what is motivating me this time is my 30th wedding anniversary is next October (13 months away). I want to try to get down to and maintain what I weighed when I got married. So my plan is 5 days at the gym this week and healthy eating; lots of water

you can do this!! consistent small changes make a world of difference and you'll be back in shape before you know it

and giving up smoking is one of the best gifts you can give your body

good luck!


Cindi said...

As I read this, I could only think, "Oh my Lord...thank goodness it's not me!"

But I sincerely wish you the absolute BEST of luck! Please keep us informed as to your progress!