Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Labor Day with no Labor!

We enjoyed a weekend of just puttering around the house. Little work was done, and it was oh so good to not have a list of things that needed to get done.

We did however do a lot of eating and a lot of visiting with friends! And of course MD was his usual self......the clown. He absolutely refuses to "pose" for a picture without making one of his faces.

See what I mean?

But everyone seems to like MD this way, so I say nothing and smile with him. He does at least make life a bit interesting!

Monday we were going to have some neighbors and friends over for a BBQ. But Jim decided he wanted everyone to come to his house. So we all did, and we ate A LOT of food. Jodi, MD, and I brought pork steaks (grilled in MD's sauce), shrimp scampi & scallops served over garlic butter rice (oh my that was sooooo yummy), apple dumplings (a to die for desert from thepioneerwomen.com) and frozen rum drinks. There was so much good food brought by all our neighbors and friends and it was all so good.

And of course you get a group of men around a grill there is always too much testosterone!

The discussions, ribbing, and actions they continued to do while I was trying to take pictures, UGH I barely found one appropriate to post!

A little selfish part... I was actually glad that Jim called MD and asked that we get together at his house instead of mine. My house was FINALLY clean and I was not looking forward to have to clean up after a party (even if it was my idea).

All Labor Day weekend we spent with friends either just visiting, playing cards or playing Dominoes. I love when we get to do that as it helps me forget or just not think about what "real" problems we have going on at home. My friends are my rocks and I am very glad to have them to lean on, to complain or crab to, to talk with, to listen to.

Thanks my friends.


utmomof 5 said...

Having good friends is the BEST! Glad you had a fun weekend and that your house is clean :)

Laggin said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. A tad jealous, I am...but not really. You deserve it.

a corgi said...

sounds like and looks like fun! glad it was enjoyed by all :)


Felicia D said...


Your profile description says 3 teenagers, I will be 21 in approx 4 months.

Bah Humbug to you!

Cindi said...

It looks and sounds like EVERYONE had a terrific time! I totally understand about having a clean house and not wanting it to get all messy again so fast.