Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Little bit on Nothin

I really have not had anything I want to talk about lately, or at least nothing of note or interest. I must be getting the blaa's.

The boy is driving me crazy (nothing new there), Felicia is in Texas this weekend to participate in her friends wedding (this will not help with me getting to postpone hers for a year), and Mikayla has definitely entered the be mean and nasty to your parents teenage years. I have also been bad with my Boot Camp. I have missed my last two sessions, which makes me feel ..... well just really bad.

I am looking forward to my "Class Reunion Picnic" today. There is a plus to this week after all. FaceBook has reunited me with a couple of old lost friends and it will really be nice today to see them today. Hopefully the rain stays away as we are at a park with no cover.

I went yesterday to finally use that wonderful anniversary gift MD had gotten for me. I made the appointment and I thought I asked all the right questions. You know like do I shave or not. I don't know how laser hair removal works!!! The very nice man on the other end said no shave, there needs to be hair to "hook" onto (that statement right there SCARED me). I show up and sit in their very nice waiting room (I just LOVE spas) in a massage chair to DIE for. Finally they come call me in, have me change, and sit in a very low lit room for another while. Then the very nice estnatition comes in takes one look at my legs and says "I have to send you home you didn't shave". I explained to her I was told not too. She said that it has to be as "smooth" as possible and that if she continued today all we would do is smell burning hair (again another statement that scared me). I said okay I don't live far I will run home shave and come back (I did take the day off work for this). she said she did not have another opening until Sunday.

I am going back Sunday. Could not argue with the lady it was not her fault the idiot who answered the phone has no clue what he is doing.

That is pretty much it I guess. I really am TRYING to keep an upbeat attitude. So complaining too much will not help with that. Maybe I will vent later when it is safer.

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a corgi said...

how fun with the class reunion picnic; hope the weather held for you; I think it is neat to reconnect with friends from high school days

if you ever want to vent and don't want it on your public blog, email me at; sometimes it is just good to get it out of your system (and a good cry for me also helps)

take care of yourself.........