Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh It Hurts So Good.

I had my fist night with my personal trainer. OH MY GRACIOUS (just being nice, not what I really wanted to say) I am sooo sore. He had Jodi and I run a mile, walk 1/2 mile, do some weird sideways run a quarter mile, turn and do it again. Then as if he had not induced enough pain upon us he had us do lunches AND squats! Then finally when we thought we saw the end he started on more! Next was 25 jumping jacks, then with our feet standing shoulder with apart we had to do circles with our arms. He said "once you FEEL the BURN do 15 more". Holy Crow the man knew how to hurt. Once that was done we had to make circles the other direction. Then he moved the pain to another part of my body and had us doing some kind of backwards push ups using the back to the car bumper and lower and raise ourselves. he said for the first night just do as many as we can. "It is not a contest" he continually told us. "it is not about how many we can do, but how we do it". And with that I did 5 and was done. But it seemed he was not, we had to do push ups next. Now here is where I sort of impressed him. I did only 5 but with my feet crossed on one foot. While he said this impressed him, I had to confess that this was the only way I could do them. If I have both feet down I can not do a push up at all. He laughed. Finally we had to stand, cross our legs and touch our toes. I did, and I am surprised that I did not fall over!

Finally we got a lecture on eating habits. At that point I informed him I have already been instructed that I need to consume 3,000 calories a day by my physician. So we discussed types of food and how to train my metabolism. Of which I already have this part of the training down pat and he agreed after we finished talking.

I am VERY sore and terrible afraid of how I will be feeling tomorrow! But I did it! I lived through the first night. I am afraid of Wednesday, which is my next session.

I did have to explain to him though that while Jodi wants to loose weight, I do not. I just want to firm up the jiggly parts. He said that it will not be a problem. That was good to hear. Don't want to do all this pain for nothing.

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utmomof 5 said...

I am sure glad you weren't so sore that you couldn't blog abut it!!!

Best of luck to you on Wednesday, I promise it will get easier :)