Monday, September 28, 2009

So Much for Beauty

I had my first Laser Hair Removal appointment Sunday. Let me tell you what IT HURT! And don't let anyone ever tell you it does not. Denise (the esthatician) and I talked a lot during my session. I needed a distraction. But she was saying that some women do more than legs or bikini area done. They get the entire "nether region" done. I mean are they freaking nuts. I mean okay it did not hurt to the point I could not finish the session, but I mean OMG that area is WAY too sensitive, too delicate, to freaking personal for someone to just be going in and lasering shit.

I mean look at this machine would you want this thing going anywhere near your nether region?

Oh, sorry got carried away there. So I survived through what "felt" like something between being snapped with a rubber band over and over & being pin pricked over and over. I go home with instructions that I am not to exercises (no sweating), no hot tubs, no extremely hot showers. I forget why something about hair follicles getting messed up.

I know how to follow directions and do as I'm told. But as lick would have it I still ended up with mumpy looking legs.

They did not start out this way. Sunday they looked normal.

Sunday night a few "bumps" started showing.

Monday morning lots of bumps started showing.

As Monday went on the "bumps" started turning
red and itchy. Now they OMG itch. I can not put enough aloe and cortisone on them fast enough. I called Denise today explained what was happening. Her response was "it's okay, it is common for that to happen. " When I told her that my legs looked like I had the mumps her voice turned excited and said "oh that's good, you should have good results".

Hu? Good results???? I am itching like a freak and she is excited??

I am so hoping that this will be worth it and there will be no more shaving come next summer.


Dread Pirate Davi said...

I am Puerto Rican. I would love to never have to shave again. I just don't know if the pain you are describing is worth it. Keep us posted on the mumps symptoms!! =)

a corgi said...

if the bumps and red was normal, I wonder what wasn't normal? but not to have to shave would be a good trade off (I think)


Dibs said...


utmomof 5 said...

I have a friend who did her entire nether region. She said is was awful and painful and embarrassing but sooooooo worth the results. Still not sure I could ever do it though :)

Hope you get over the mumps quickly!