Friday, October 30, 2009

The House with The Swinging Door

Years ago when Felicia was still in high school she had a friend that was having problems at home. Kay (is what we will call her) was bouncing around from friends house to friends house. She was running out of places to go so Felicia asked if she could stay with us till graduation. I said yes with one stipulation, she had to follow the rules of the house. I did after all have brother and sister to think about.

Following house rules meant in by curfew, with the exception of being at work. Going to school everyday. And if you don't go to school you don't go to work. And helping around the house and picking up after yourself.

Well it lasted for a couple of weeks. Things happened and I explained to Kay that if it happened again she would not be welcomed to stay any longer. Then we found out that Kay had lice, since she slept with Felicia I check her and YES she had lice also! Bummer we have never had to deal with this ever. Then I check Mikayla and BAM she had them too. Devin escaped the bugs. I went to the store bought what I needed to de-bug the girls. They all of course had to stay home from school. Which meant they miss work. Kay decided she needed to work. I explained that 1 it was a health issue she should not be working at a restaurant with bugs in her hair. and 2 that was breaking the house rules. She said she was going to work. I said then she would have to find somewhere else to stay.

Now I did not totally turn my back on the girl, she still would come over and I would treat her hair. Then when they graduated she got ready here and I took pictures of the girls. But I could not have her staying here with refusing to follow rules. I do have to say we miss Kay and she was a very sweet and her and Felicia were such good friends and still are. Felicia just flew to Texas for her wedding. Kay brought her boyfriend here so he could meet us which I loved. I am glad she understood the reasons I would not let her stay with us.

Well it seems it's Devin's turn to bring home the lost puppy. We now have another boy living here. We will call him Dexter. The police showed up here Friday night and asked MD if he could stay with us for a while. What was MD going to say From what we understand there was a fight between he and his mother and she had him in a head lock and hitting him. I was shocked, I have met this women before, she is this little petite thing. It was hard for me to imagine this but then again I did only meet her once. He is 18 so I guess that is why the police let him go to a friends house vs family services. But now MD and I are wondering how long he will be staying. To listen to Dexter he is here forever or at least till graduation. I am not so sure about that. We will have to see how this affects Devin. So far it has been a good thing for Devin, but I can see where it will wear on him. I guess when that happens we will then have to decide what to do then.

What I can not believe is that these kids parents are not going nuts looking for them, wanting them back home. Kay never went back home. She left my house in early December, graduated high school a semester early (in December) and went to Texas to stay with an aunt. I wonder if we are going to have Dexter here that long?

Monday, October 26, 2009

And We Have Lift Off

Just received a call from a gentleman at Quest. We have an intake meeting appointment tomorrow at 1pm. He starts his new school on Wednesday. I was told that if I could get in at 9am tomorrow he will stay for the rest of the day.

I can't swing that at work on this short of notice. I mean I guess I could just do it but then I am leaving my office in the lurch with no assistants. We are all scrambling as it is trying to fiqure out how we are going to get everything our clients want done completed befroe the end of the year!

Funny coincidence is that first thing this morning the school finally emailed me back about a staffing meeting for Devin, we settled on a date and time, then couple hours later Quest called. Guess I can cancel the school meeting.

My calendar has so many scratch off marks from schedule changes it is ridiculous!

Mom and Dad don't worry about Devin. We are all HOPING that this is a good thing for him. The whole school is supposed to be like an IEP (Individual Eduction Program)and Devin will get a lot of individual attention/assistance. Or at least that is what we are told. Only down fall is that we have to provide transportaion. But they know we both work full time and are willing work with us on providing one way, either there or back. We shall see how that works out with everthing.

I think I need a drink.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

We are in a Holding Pattern

I haven't said much lately about Devin and his goings on. Basically because that is we are in a holding pattern. He is not in trouble any longer legally with the exception of being on probation. That will not go away anytime soon. But when it comes to school the boy has mentally checked out.

For some reason this year he has decided he cannot get to his 1st or 4th hours on time. Our school district has this nifty little website that I can at anytime check in and see class work grades, attendance, tardies, special announcements, and lunch account balances. So when I noticed that he was having a problem getting to his 4th hour class I immediately emailed his principle looking for suggestions on what to do to head this off. Her response "let's wait till he gets to 10 first". Okay first off when you get to 10 tardies you get a 4 hour Saturday detention, which violates his probation (get in NO trouble in school or at home). I was very upset with this suggestion, I did not want to wait until it got out of hand. Guess the school does not believe in being proactive just reactive. SUCKS!

So I TRIED to head it off myself, explaining to Devin what will happen when he gets too many tardies. He of course gave all kinds of excuses on why he is late to just his one class. And nothing I could say would sink in. He ended up not only getting 10 tardies (which like I said got him one 4 hour detention) he got so many that he got 20 hours of detentions!

As if getting ALL these detention hours were not enough, Devin decided he would NOT do them. Which resulted in 3 days of in school suspension. And then I guess he got "bored" in that setting and goofed off. That landed him a 1 day out of school suspension. And then the next thing i know he has another 3 days in school suspension.

He did not get a clue on how his actions in school would affect him out of school. When we kept talking to him regarding just this fact he would respond every time with "my probation never said anything about tardies" and "they can't do anything about me in school".

Last Friday he was proved VERY wrong. His probation officer had us come in for a meeting, and SHE explained to Devin that what and how he behaves in school very much affects his probation. She was very upset with him and she let him know it. She explained that everything he does everywhere affects his probation and the courts decision on what to do with him. She revised his probation rules explained each in detail. Hoping I guess to make him understand the severity of the situation.

It did not sink in.
She showed up for her bi-weekly meeting with him that very next Monday. And found out from him, MD, and I that he did not follow his rules over the weekend! She was set to send him to DYS (division of youth services). Devin plead his case and talked her out of that. But he could not talk her out of sending him to Quest. Quest is a state run transition school for kids coming out of DYS or kids on their way in.

Oh did I mention that NOW the school wants to discuss Devin's progress or there lack of. Now really? I have been asking for help for the last 2 months. I explained that I would love for them to finally help me and Devin. And that I have already contacted the Learning Disabilities Association (at the request of his neurologist) and they too are reviewing his IEPs and grades. Funny thing, after I mentioned who I contacted, they never responded back to me. Still waiting.

Probation officer contacted me Friday to inform me that the Quest office will be contacting me this upcoming week to schedule and in-take meeting and get Devin transferred.

On the up side!!!!!!! Devin has been working with MD on the weekends. They have been getting along much better. And as far as his has been fabulous. That is the one thing that throws everyone. Even when he is in the principles office for the tardies, she said he was extremely pleasant to speak with. Probation officer says the same thing.

So just sitting on the holding pattern, waiting for take off.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Who is Your Inner Pegan Goddess


Diana is the chaste huntress of Greek/Roman mythology. She is also the goddess of the moon, therefore her movement is just as mysterious and shadowy. She is very moody, the opposite of her brother the sun god Apollo, but very protective of innocence.

Okay I buy it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another Business Endevor

Audrey is once again looking for that extra income to help her make ends meet. It is hard being a single mom. But what's harder is a single mom with expensive taste, and that is my sister. Don't get me wrong she has toned down her spending since she got her divorce. But she still has champagne taste. That and the ex doesn't seem to want to pay his child support. Oh but that is a different rant for another day.

She has taken on little side jobs (so to say) to help supplement her income. I forget all of them but I do remember there was Pampered Chef and now Lea Sophia jewelery. I hosted a party for both of these little endeavors. Of course I did benefit also, you know getting the "free" stuff.

My friends and neighbors were great, they all came to show support for my sister.

They showed SO much support I was able to get over $700 worth of jewelery for $130. And Since I rarely wear jewelery I shared my good fortune with a few friends that are in tough spots right now. Some are single moms with college kids, some are in the middle of a separation/divorce. So I let them partake in some discounts also.

Besides I really do not need that much jewelery.

Even our friend Cindy flew in from New York to come to my party to help Audrey!

Actually she was flying in anyway, Missouri is part of her territory and she gets to visit whenever she has to be in town.

I wish Audrey all the luck in the world. But what I really wish is that she would get out of the money pit house she lives in and move her butt closer to me. Lot easier to help and hang together if it didn't cost 1/2 a tank of gas to see her!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Firemen + Sand Volley Ball = FUN

Last Sunday the weather was absolutely beautiful. Not hot and not cold, as Little Red Riding Hood would say it was just perfect.
Jodi and I have an old acquaintance that we have re-connected with on FaceBook and he is a Fireman in the area. He posted (on FB) that they were doing a fundraiser for MD at their local union hall, Sand Volleyball and for anyone interested to come on out.

I was looking for an excuse to get out of the house. So I called a couple friends and off we went.

I am not sure how I did it, but I got Devin to go with me and enjoy the weather with his mom. He refused to play but he did take all the pictures. And he did a very good job if I might say.

He got quite a few "action" shots.

Denny (our fireman friend) was very excited that Jodi and I came to play.

Said his team needed all the help they could get.
I am guessing that they lost the first round they played before we got there.

Jodi and I explained that it had been years since we have played so don't expect a miracle.

We got on our ready and gave it our all. We actually made some VERY impressive shots. That is if I do say so myself. I did surprise even myself and Nathan (my friend Alicia's son).
(my victory dance)

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Class Reunion

Last weekend was my 25 year class reunion. I decided that this year I would attend, the only other reunion I attended was our 10 year and that was just to show off MD (since we were still newlyweds). And thanks to FaceBook I have actually gotten to get reacquainted with a few lost friends.

This years reunion was held at a local park and of course the weather did not cooperate. It rained sporadically all day and was cold. Which in turn kept a lot of people from attending. But those of us die hard goofballs had a good time reminiscing.

Some I remember well and could even recognize. Others WOW they have changed.
I don't mean changed in a bad way, just changed. Some lost a lot of weight, some gained.
I think time alone killed a few of my memory cells but then again I did have a graduating class of over 700.
Noway I could know EVERYONE I graduated with much less know the over 2,500 people that attended my high school in any given year I was there.