Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another Business Endevor

Audrey is once again looking for that extra income to help her make ends meet. It is hard being a single mom. But what's harder is a single mom with expensive taste, and that is my sister. Don't get me wrong she has toned down her spending since she got her divorce. But she still has champagne taste. That and the ex doesn't seem to want to pay his child support. Oh but that is a different rant for another day.

She has taken on little side jobs (so to say) to help supplement her income. I forget all of them but I do remember there was Pampered Chef and now Lea Sophia jewelery. I hosted a party for both of these little endeavors. Of course I did benefit also, you know getting the "free" stuff.

My friends and neighbors were great, they all came to show support for my sister.

They showed SO much support I was able to get over $700 worth of jewelery for $130. And Since I rarely wear jewelery I shared my good fortune with a few friends that are in tough spots right now. Some are single moms with college kids, some are in the middle of a separation/divorce. So I let them partake in some discounts also.

Besides I really do not need that much jewelery.

Even our friend Cindy flew in from New York to come to my party to help Audrey!

Actually she was flying in anyway, Missouri is part of her territory and she gets to visit whenever she has to be in town.

I wish Audrey all the luck in the world. But what I really wish is that she would get out of the money pit house she lives in and move her butt closer to me. Lot easier to help and hang together if it didn't cost 1/2 a tank of gas to see her!


a corgi said...

looks like a nice gathering; that was nice of you to help out your sister; hoping she "sees the light" and moves closer to family; I would think being around family, especially as a single mom, would be a good support system


Cindi said...

You're a great sister for helping her out!