Saturday, October 03, 2009

Class Reunion

Last weekend was my 25 year class reunion. I decided that this year I would attend, the only other reunion I attended was our 10 year and that was just to show off MD (since we were still newlyweds). And thanks to FaceBook I have actually gotten to get reacquainted with a few lost friends.

This years reunion was held at a local park and of course the weather did not cooperate. It rained sporadically all day and was cold. Which in turn kept a lot of people from attending. But those of us die hard goofballs had a good time reminiscing.

Some I remember well and could even recognize. Others WOW they have changed.
I don't mean changed in a bad way, just changed. Some lost a lot of weight, some gained.
I think time alone killed a few of my memory cells but then again I did have a graduating class of over 700.
Noway I could know EVERYONE I graduated with much less know the over 2,500 people that attended my high school in any given year I was there.

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a corgi said...

looks like a nice gathering; I think the 20 or 25 year ones are good to go to; everyone wants to come back in 10 years to show off spouses or kids (like I did,LOL) but then the later ones people have settled down and mellowed and its nice to re-connect with them.

sorry the weather didn't cooperate though