Friday, October 30, 2009

The House with The Swinging Door

Years ago when Felicia was still in high school she had a friend that was having problems at home. Kay (is what we will call her) was bouncing around from friends house to friends house. She was running out of places to go so Felicia asked if she could stay with us till graduation. I said yes with one stipulation, she had to follow the rules of the house. I did after all have brother and sister to think about.

Following house rules meant in by curfew, with the exception of being at work. Going to school everyday. And if you don't go to school you don't go to work. And helping around the house and picking up after yourself.

Well it lasted for a couple of weeks. Things happened and I explained to Kay that if it happened again she would not be welcomed to stay any longer. Then we found out that Kay had lice, since she slept with Felicia I check her and YES she had lice also! Bummer we have never had to deal with this ever. Then I check Mikayla and BAM she had them too. Devin escaped the bugs. I went to the store bought what I needed to de-bug the girls. They all of course had to stay home from school. Which meant they miss work. Kay decided she needed to work. I explained that 1 it was a health issue she should not be working at a restaurant with bugs in her hair. and 2 that was breaking the house rules. She said she was going to work. I said then she would have to find somewhere else to stay.

Now I did not totally turn my back on the girl, she still would come over and I would treat her hair. Then when they graduated she got ready here and I took pictures of the girls. But I could not have her staying here with refusing to follow rules. I do have to say we miss Kay and she was a very sweet and her and Felicia were such good friends and still are. Felicia just flew to Texas for her wedding. Kay brought her boyfriend here so he could meet us which I loved. I am glad she understood the reasons I would not let her stay with us.

Well it seems it's Devin's turn to bring home the lost puppy. We now have another boy living here. We will call him Dexter. The police showed up here Friday night and asked MD if he could stay with us for a while. What was MD going to say From what we understand there was a fight between he and his mother and she had him in a head lock and hitting him. I was shocked, I have met this women before, she is this little petite thing. It was hard for me to imagine this but then again I did only meet her once. He is 18 so I guess that is why the police let him go to a friends house vs family services. But now MD and I are wondering how long he will be staying. To listen to Dexter he is here forever or at least till graduation. I am not so sure about that. We will have to see how this affects Devin. So far it has been a good thing for Devin, but I can see where it will wear on him. I guess when that happens we will then have to decide what to do then.

What I can not believe is that these kids parents are not going nuts looking for them, wanting them back home. Kay never went back home. She left my house in early December, graduated high school a semester early (in December) and went to Texas to stay with an aunt. I wonder if we are going to have Dexter here that long?

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That corgi :) said...

you are good to open up your house to "strangers" (because that's what they basically are, even if you know them and know them for a long time, they still are strangers, they are bringing in their own value system trying to mesh with yours, etc). I would have done the same for Kay, let her stay as long as she played by the rules. I'm glad it seems like she got her act together and was able to move on past her high school years

I hope Dexter follows the rules and stays as long as you will allow him to stay. There are soooo many lost kids out there like Kay and Dexter; it always saddens me when a parent and child have such conflict that the child has to be removed from the situation or kicked out. I can't tell you how many of my son's friends were kicked out at one time or another. I was soooooo thankful to God that he gave us strength and patience not to kick him out (he came close a few times).

hugs to your for your kindness to the lost kids