Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another Reunion of Sorts

A few of my High School classmates decided to get together at a local bar. Since it was close to home Jodi, MD and I decided to go. This was almost an entirely different group of people than showed at the reunion picnic.

Some people changed a lot, never would have recognized them in another setting. Such as these two goofballs! The gentleman (ha) on the right, I totally remembered his name but his face.......no way. Even after sitting and talking with him, still nothing. Could have been because he was totally trashed.
Then the fellow on my right, Mark. He looks exactly the same, one of the only guys I have reunited with that looks absolutely the same. It is so funny that he is back at our high school as a teacher and coach. He absolutely LOVES it. And you can hear it when he talks about it. It was good seeing Mark again.

Tracy's husband is in a band, Jodi and I are hoping she lets us know the next time he plays in town. She is always so happy and full of energy.

Jo Ann and I both have boys the same age at the same school. Amazing that we have not run into each other before. But then again her son is in sports to where Devin has chose not. Lindin I have not seen since High School. He married a gal that I was friends with and am so happy that they are still together. My faith in young marriages is strengthened when visiting with Leah & Lindin.

Speaking of Leah (in the middle) she has not changed at all. Still just a beautiful as she was in school. I have seen pictures of her daughter OMG gorgeous must run in the family. Her daughter is freaking model exotic beautiful.

Poor Kim was blinded by MD when he snapped this picture. I don't think she knew it was coming.

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