Thursday, November 05, 2009


After ready my last couple of posts I feel, well I feel bad. Yes I am extremely glad that Dexter is not with us. I believe that he needs to be at home with his mom. But the main reason for that is that she knows his illnesses. The boy had some serious issues. And I think that is what scared & stressed me the most.

He was not up front with us about them. he mom explained a little when I saw here. But when I went to the school, well they scared to crap out of me. The boy was in the hospital for 6 months and missed an entire year of school because of the seizures. In that 6 months at the hospital a good portion of that was in a coma. He had not idea who what and when, when he came out of the coma. And from what the nurses stated there was a whole lot more going on with Dexter.

Of course when I said anything to Dexter he started spinning his stories. Everyone else did not know what they were talking about. And I was wrong for listening to them. I think that is what bothered me most because I could see he had no intentions on following what MD and I would request.

The second and most important reason for wanting him out was Mikayla. She was extremely uncomfortable with him here and did not like being alone with him. I did not want to be uncomfortable in her own home. My responsibility is to her first she is my child not Dexter. This was not conveyed to him as I did not believe he needed to know. But this is her home first.

MD said Dexter came by yesterday afternoon to pick up his medicine that he forgot. MD said that he seemed like he was on drugs or "stoned". I explained that he seemed like that before he left. I asked who brought him here, was it his mom? He said no and he did not know who it was. Dexter said everything was okay. I feel bad for him, but he brings on most of his problems himself, not those around him.

Off to work I must go. The landfill work calls. Man them places are loud, dusty, and stinky.


That corgi :) said...

still very wise choice that Dexter is no longer at your place, if your own child is not comfortable at their house, which I consider a safe haven, then you know changes had to be made, as hard as it was not to be able to help someone. if Dexter is using drugs and is taking meds to prevent seizures, deadly combination for sure

rest assured you really did make the right decision regarding Dexter
and your involvement with him


Laggin said...

I agree with didn't need that to add to your stress. I'm so glad that MD backed you up.

You did the best you could for Dexter and more than most people would. For that, I give you kudos!