Monday, November 30, 2009

Journey & Van Halen Tribute Concert

This past Saturday night neighbor Jim & Michele asked MD and I to go out with them and other friends to a concert. MD initially said no (thinking that I would not want to go) but Michele found me outside doing yard work and said something about it. Duh, of course I would love to go out to dinner and a concert!
So off to Olive Garden we went. Met up with Jaime, Ron, Sandy, and Jaime's brother & his wife. I love Olive Garden's salads and bread sticks. MD had a Manicotti dish with white sauce that tasted amazing. Needless to say I kept sneaking bites of his meal.

The concert was general admission, we headed for the top (definitely showing our age) it was not AS loud up there. That and the fact that we had so many in our group it was easier finding seats together at the top.

MD being his usual self. Cannot make a straight face when he knows someone is taking a picture. Such a silly man.

Our view.

It seems that every time I attempt to take a picture of Michele she is eating. She hates that. But I cannot help it, it just happens.
After the concert somehow we once again made it to the casino. We didn't gamble much, this time at least. MD & I were just plain ole worn out, plus he had to work on Sunday. So come 1:15 of the am Jim and Michele gave us their keys and we left. I paid for it all day Sunday. Jodi and I laid around the house watching movies. I kept cat napping during the day, waiting for the kids to get themselves ready for school (wishing they would get through it quickly) so I could hit the pillows. I need a vacation from my vacations. Always doing a lot in a little amount of time.
Oh well keeps me young.

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