Sunday, November 15, 2009

Neighborhood Halloween Party

This morning I am playing catch up. I have been dealing with crazy kids,major amount of work hours, and just trying to deal with life in general.

Luckily yesterday the kids and I got the housework done, they are currently still asleep, so I am taking advantage to the QUIET.

The weekend before Halloween one of our neighbors had a Halloween party. Now last year no one dressed up. So MD and I opted our of dressing up this year (besides I was sporting a major headache and only went because MD wanted to go so bad). Well we were definitely surprised when we got there!

Our hosts looked very cute as Bill & Sookie from True Blood. I think Mark enjoyed playing Bill running around "biting" people.
Everyone had very creative costumes this year. My headache subsided a bit, I guess eating helped. They had some adorable food almost too pretty to eat.

See what I mean?

Once again we had a fabulous time with our neighbors and I am looking forward to our next gathering.


Huse Yo Mama said...

Wow, their costumes ARE fantastic! Looks like a lot of fun!

That corgi :) said...

looks like a fun time! and loved those candy apples! so when you go next year, are you planning to dress up?


Felicia D said...

Ha ha, no posts about your daughter drunk dialing you at 1 AM and you actually being awake! Although those costumes are adorable.