Monday, November 02, 2009

Never take anything at Face value

In my last post I mentioned that we have let one of Devin's friends stay with us after a police officer asked that we let him stay for a while so he and his mother could cool off.

Well that was 4 days ago and we still have the young man here. I asked that he speak with his mother on Sunday to work things out and make sure he had plenty of medication (this is something I will go into in a bit). When he was brought back again by the police I asked what happened. He said she is crazy and refused to give him clothes and they got in another arguments.

He tried with all his might to get Felicia to side with him in the arguments. I would not budge in this. I tried explaining to him that we as mothers only want what is best for our children. Even if it does not seem like it to the kid.

Needless to say the stories kept coming. I tried to keep giving this confused young man the benefit of the doubt. Plus he somehow got on MD's soft side. For once it is I who is the heavy and MD is the soft one. I don't know what he sees in this kid I mean he is a nice kid and all but there is just something that bugs me. I don't know what.

MD and I had a discussion tonight with Dexter. Asking what his plans are, explaining that this was a temporary situation. Dexter started with stories on how awful his mom is, how awful his life is etc etc etc. MD sucking it up the whole time. Meanwhile I started see HUGE holes in his stories. Things he has told us before not jiving with what he is telling us now. We told him again that he needs to speak with his mom and work things out. He said that he could not she will not let him come home. She will not work things out with him. So I asked if it would help if I spoke with his mother. He adamantly refused that. Said that I could not and should not speak with his mother.

The bug got buggier!

I had to go take Mikayla to dance and on the way back I saw a policeman sitting in his car. I stopped and asked him questions. He said said that my idea about talking to his mom was a good one and I should probably do so. I said I was not exactly sure of where she lived, I just an idea of where. So he did me a favor, first he asked me the last name, I did not have that. So he check the police records of the two days that I mentioned. He found her address and gave it to me and bid me good luck.

I had a nice chat with his mom, found out a lot of the things he said were not true. He told us he had no other family to turn too, his grandmother was dead. That little bit of info crushed his mom. His grandmother is alive and well. Dexter has MAJOR medical issues. More than I am comfortable handling. She did say he was not welcome unless he was willing to follow her rules.

OMG he is doing it again right now, arguing with us about how he is getting to school. We told him to ride the bus he argued with us. I already spoke with his mom she said the principle tried to get him on the bus and he refused. Now he is arguing with us about it. I and starting to get very frustrated. Because now he does not want me to call the school.

His days are numbered I am telling ya. I don't like people trying to make a fool of me.


Dread Pirate Davi said...

He's 18 now. If he can't play by the rules, kick him out of the game. You don't need that nonsense around Devin right now.

That corgi :) said...

I would definitely ask him to leave your house and if he is resistance about it, I'd call the police. seems like not a good situation for all involved; be safe!


Laggin said...

Trust your gut, girly. God gave us that gut feeling for a reason.

We had a not too unsimilar situation. I told the boy (who was suicidal) that he had two choices, (1) we would go talk to his mom together or (2) I would call 911. Ultimately, he and his mom reconciled and things turned out really well for him. It doesn't sound like you are in for such a good solution.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Cindi said...

You've definitely got your hands full. I admire you for taking him in to begin with, but now he's simply taking advantage of you. Perhaps everything should be a choice for him. Maybe telling him that he WILL talk to his mom, but he can choose if it will be at his house or your house. He WILL go to school. He can ride the bus or walk. His choice.

Good luck with this one...I really feel for you!