Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Back down to Three

So Dexter's plans to get a ride to school failed him. At 11pm the very evening he was arguing with MD and I about riding the bus his friend called and said he COULD NOT pick him up. HA lesson learned there, MD & I are usually right.

Yesterday morning Dexter got on the bus, I finished getting ready and started to leave the house to take Devin to school. The phone rang, it was Dexter. He forgot to take his medicine (if he does not take his meds he WILL have a seizure)so that left me responsible to get him his medication. So I got Devin in the car and off the Dexter's school we went. I got there and the nurses refused to accept the medication (knowing full well Dexter needed it) because I did not have a doctors note nor did I have the pharmacy bottle (this I never had). I explained that I did not have the time to wait for Dexter's bus to get to school. They suggested that I go speak with Ms. Principle. Fine I knew her very well thanks to Devin so hopefully she would help me.

I found that Ms. Principle was in a meeting, I did not care. I walked to the door and tapped, politely asked if she could speak with me for a minute. Surprisingly she came out. I explained what was going on and she lifted her eyes to the ceiling and held out her jacket pocket. I immediately took the hint and dropped Dexter's meds in her pocket. She asked how things were going with Dexter at our house, so I briefly gave her a rundown of things going on. She said that when she spoke with him and found out that he was with us she had to laugh. She told him that he went from the frying pan to the fire. He said he did not understand what she was saying. So she told him that she knew me and that I was even stricter than his mother. And that I never take no for an answer. She said she just had to giggle. I explained I had to go and that I was going to be late for work and still had to take Devin to school.

They day went on then Dexter's mom called me to explain that he was trying to leave school early. I was thinking "this is my problem why". She went on to say that if he left he was getting 10 days suspension. She knew that if he did not go to school he would NOT be staying any longer at my house. we talked (rather she talked) of other things and I finally said that I needed to get back to work. Within the hour Ms. Principle called asking if I was still at work? My reply was yes. She asked what time I got off work, my reply 5pm. She went on to tell me that Dexter left school but was still wondering around the school grounds trying to get a ride to my house. I explained that I was NOT going to leave work to get him. He wan walk since he decided to leave early and refused to ride the proper bus. She talked some more then again I explained that I needed to get back to work. An hour later Ms. Principle called again. wanting to discuss the suspension with me (um why? I am not mom), at that point I explained that Dexter was at my home (Mikayla called and let me know) and that I could not discuss him at that moment. She asked if she could call the house to speak with him, I gave her the number.

I had called MD explained everything that went on with my day and Dexter. I am stressed beyond stressed. I have not been this stressed even with everything with Devin and that is ridiculous. While I was running errands with Mikayla MD explained to Dexter that he had to go, that I was a mess and he could not have that. I took Dexter home after we had dinner. His mom I don't think really wanted him to come home but I was not giving either of them a choice. Dexter tried several times in talking me out of it. My answer was work this out with your mom. He repeatedly tried making me feel guilty for making him leave and I called him on it. I told him that it was not helping him that he kept doing that and all that was doing was making me mad. When I got to his mothers she was not answering the door, so I called her, told her he was at the door and to let him in. When she did I drove off and never looked back.

We really need to start saying no in the future.

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That corgi :) said...

I think you did the best you could, but I think Dexter was infringing way too much on your time for you and your own family; I can only hope Dexter and his mom can find a way to work things out