Saturday, December 12, 2009


Last night MD and I attended my company's Christmas Party at the Lemp Mansion. If any of you know the eastern side of Missouri knows that the Lemp Mansion in the city, which is about, oh on a good day, 30-40 minutes from my house.

They (the highway dept) just opened Hwy 40 back up, and we thought that would make the trip go faster. You know new, bigger highway. We were wrong because I think everyone else thought the same thing. I guess Hwy 70 must have had no cars on it and it took over an hour for us to get to our destination.

The Lemp Mansion sports a dinner theater type thing. Which was fun. It was not until wee were on our way home that the "WHAT THEY HELL WERE THEY THINKING" happened.

We were going from one hwy to another via the exit ramp. duh. But we (and quite a few others) QUICKLY came upon two STOPPED vehicles in the road. Now it is a good thing we were slowing down to make the turn on the off ramp. Because all of a sudden MD was slamming on his breaks (again as well a others) to avoid the two vehicles as well as avoiding the others that were swerving and slamming on their breaks.

MD missed the car in front (at this point kind of front and side) of us, as well as keeping us from being side swiped from the traffic still on the hwy, as well as keeping us from the vehicles on my side of the road. AND amazingly the vehicles behind us seem to be able to do the same thing as MD. I heard no crunching of metal, no blaring horns, and weirdly enough I do not remember any screeching of tires.

Odd thing, I was clam through the whole thing. Normally MD's drive has me white knuckled and jumpy. But at that very moment I was as calm as a cucumber. Funny thing was my boss was in the back seat (did I forget to mention we were giving her a ride to her car?) and we were just discussing both of our husbands and their driving habits (hers races cars, mine drives like he is on a track) and how they both normally scare us to death.

MD kept apologizing to her and her response was no reason to be and that she was VERY impressed on how he handled it.

I think it was just the Gods smiling down on us saying they wanted us here a little bit longer.

That's my man! Never shows fear even when he is scared to death!


That corgi :) said...

so thankful you were save with that potential collision. It sounds like it could have been a nasty one with the speeds and the cars involved. I bet you kept waiting to hear or feel the impact of getting it. Yep God was definitely watching over you all then


Ethan said...

Glad to hear you were clam, Monica.

That does mean you were all hunched up in the mud under the front seat, right? Probably the safest place to be in such a situation... :)